Peterson Cay National Park


Peterson Cay National ParkPeterson Cay is a petite island off the south shore of Grand Bahamas, and is home to Peterson Cay National Park, which is the smallest national park in the Bahamas with only 1½ acres of landscape. Even though it is small, the cay houses one of the most gorgeous reefs in the Bahamas, and these attractive coral formations are preferred for snorkeling and diving opportunities. The shallow coral reefs, especially on the western side boasts coral blends and sunken rocks that makes it perfect for you to view the schools of tropical fish, soft corals, sea fans and an occasional manta ray or barracuda.

Just one mile offshore Peterson’s Cay is a perfect area for a picnic and much relaxation, be minded that this area is also a protected area where you can only leave foot prints in the sands or take amazing pictures. The unspoiled beautiful sandy beach provides a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Ideal for great family adventures, the Peterson Cay National Park is one of the best attractions to visit in the Bahamas.

To reach the Peterson Cay National Park is by boat; you can either hire a boat out of Port Lucaya Marina, or kayak yourself out of Barbary Beach, but be careful when kayaking to the cay to avoid the fragile coral reefs. As a national park, everything on land and underwater is protected, it is illegal to take shells, vegetation, or other pieces of coral off of the island, so be sure to leave it where you see it.

On the cay are light vegetation with bare limestone, as the shady areas are sacred and you are warned to wear hats, sunscreen and bring lots of drinking water. A sandy white beach on the northern side provides boat access and is excellent for swimming and sunbathing.