Ocho Rios Shopping Tour

Ocho Rios Shopping Tour4A shopper's paradise and home to the world famous Dunn’s River Falls, Ocho Rios is one of the most energetic towns on the island for great shopping experiences. As you leisurely browse through the town, you will see many craft markets, unique boutique, fabulous shopping malls and amazing street vendors selling exotic wares of the island. 
Enjoy a leisurely ride along the scenic north coast and stop in Ocho Rios to spend your day poking around the town’s many shopping arcades and craft markets before enjoying a delicious Jamaican lunch. 
Ocho Rios hosts over sixty different shops near the heart of town to buy carvings, traditional woven crafts, and even personalized items.
Visit the Taj Mahal Mall with its over 20 duty-free stores. This is one of the most famous shopping centers in Ocho Rios located close to the harbor, It is built in the replica of the Taj Mahal hence its name, while there you can purchase unique souvenirs and handcraft items. 
Ocho Rios Shopping Tour1Ocho Rios Craft Park is situated in the center of town with about 135 stalls. While there a vendor will weave a hat or a basket for you while you wait, or you can buy one already made. Choose from a variety of amazing styles such as hamper, handbag, place mats, or lamp shade. Explore the other stalls to see lovely hand-embroidered goods, as the wood carvers work on bowls, ashtrays, statues and cups to your delight.
Island Plaza is located next to the craft market and has some of the best Jamaican art and paintings done by local artists. You can also purchase local handmade craft, carvings, ceramics, kitchenware and the unusual island T-shirts.
Ocho Rios Shopping Tour3Island Village nicknamed the theme park for Ocho Rios shopping tour; this place not only has adorable shops but is known for its liveliness with an array of numerous attractions. Located along four acres of beachfront and decorated with exciting colors, the forty shops, various restaurants, and sporadic reggae shows will provide the perfect shopping tour in Jamaica. This is where you can enjoy Margaritaville with its rooftop whirlpool tub, water slide, and multiple bars.
And if you are a reggae fanatic, you will want to visit Reggae Explosion, a museum dedicated to the origins and expressions of Jamaican music.
Then it's on to the famous Dunn’s River Falls for a climb and dip in the refreshing pools of cool waters. You can also buy items there, especially wooden craft in any shape or size.