Ocho Rios And Around


Ocho Rios And Around The town of “eight rivers”, Ocho Rios beautiful landscape of amazing waterfalls and alluring beaches, are the most striking features of this area. In fact, Ocho Rios owes much of its fame to Dunn’s River Falls, an excited climbing attraction that tempts you with its charming flows of rocky waterfalls. It is a joy to swim beneath the irresistible cool waters of the falls, and a great adventure to climb to the extreme top.

Ocho Rios is a small town that thrives on tourist resort. With acres of beach front properties, this north coast haven is a lively blend of authentic Jamaica culture with fabulous attractions. The town has many restaurants, attractions such as, Evita’s that serves both international and local dishes, the night clubs like Margaritaville are a sure hit with travelers, and Dolphin Cove, is where you can swim and interact with dolphins.

Ocho Rios is also famous for Fern Gully, this winding avenue of Jamaica’s ferns and pristine eco-system, is where you can find a wide variety of souvenirs of local art and craft. The surroundings is quiet enjoyable as the vendors display their wares amongst tropical ferns and other foliage to create a feel of tropical rain forest.

Just a few miles away is the town of Runaway Bay. This remarkable area of attractions is where the famous spot of Christopher Columbus and his crew first settled in Jamaica. Further west is Discovery Bay, with its relaxing and calm surroundings.Boasting one of the most scenic series of luminous blue bays, wonderful white sandy beaches, and exciting fishing villages, Discovery Bay is a haven to get away from the bustle of the city. Discovery Bay is certainly a stop you’ll want to make not only for the scenery, but the historic value as well.

Nine Miles is a village located on the out skirts of Ocho Rios, just south of Brown’s Town. It is famous for being the hometown of reggae legend, Bob Marley.

In conclusion, Ocho Rios and its surrounding areas have several delightful towns and wonderful places that provide a great amount of spectacular attractions for everyone to enjoy.