Museums in the Caribbean


Museums in The Caribbean Museum in the Caribbean offers a rainbow of cultures that depicts the history and fascinating contribution of the Caribbean people. The museums of the Caribbean exhibits the clearest reflection of recordings, researching and a catalogue of the complex migration, exploration, colonialism and exotic marine life that makes you want to discover more of the region uniqueness.

From large to small, Caribbean Museums produces a treasury of evidence in national museums, which boasts an amazing collection to view. You will also find exceptional Caribbean Museums that has been influence by creative icons of the islands. Explore the museums of Paul Gauguin, Bob Marley, Ernest Hemmingway or Nelson Dockyard and peek into their colorful way of life to unique heritage site.

Discover the Museum in the Caribbean and step back in time to uncover the history of the Arawaks, British, Spanish and French that have all created this beautiful group of islands that you now enjoy. With so many Caribbean Museums to choose from, some islands houses up to 15 museums on such a small piece of landscape. Let us explore some of the most notable one’s for you to visit:
Casa Del Cordón in Santo Domingo Dominican Republic was built in 1503. It is the oldest home-museum in the Caribbean which is filled with legendary masterpiece of Diego Colón.

A natural museum, Nelson’s Dockyard in Antigua is one of the most popular attractions for the island. It is the only Georgian-style dockyard that is still in use in the world. The Dockyard Museum was a Naval Officer’s house on the English Harbour, but now exhibits detailed history of the dockyard and the naval fleet to Antigua during that era. Experience natural history displays at Barbados Museum in Bridgetown. Built in 1817 and boasts a military prison and children gallery, you can view the many displays of marvelous artifacts’, plus much more.

Displaying a fascinating array of Grenada’s ancestry, traditions, lifestyle, social history, plantation history, decorative arts and household furniture, the Belmont Estate is a must see. One of the most illustrious Caribbean Museum to visit is the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston, Jamaica. Housing a fabulous collect of the life, work and musical lyrics of the reggae icon, you can explore this museum and enjoy the history of reggae music and his career highlights.

The islands of the Caribbean is the best places on earth to get the true meaning of museums, as the diverse magnificence displayed in the museums is a relaxing way to enjoy more of what each island has to offer. Put aside the sun, beach and usual attractions and venture through some of the Caribbean’s Museum, while you soak up a little of the region’s history and amazing cultures.

The islands of the Caribbean are living museum, which displays rich landscapes with beautiful buildings and architectural styles. Visit any island of your liking and enjoy a tour of their museum and learn more about the island’s on your next vacation.

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