Mount Scenery


Mount Scenery overlooks the gorgeous Windwardside of Saba. The island of Saba is the northernmost isles on the Netherland Antilles that is very small but offers a remarkable phenomenon otherwise called the Mountain. Mount Scenery has lava domes which had collapses years ago as it forms the Flat Point Peninsula on Saba.  A wonderful attraction in the Netherland Antilles, Mount Scenery is the highest peak on the island that offers fantastic nature trails along the way. Once an active volcano, Mount Scenery forms the pinnacle of the Saba island landscape.

Towering to a height of 877 meters tall, Mount Scenery is also the utmost point in all of Kingdom of the Netherlands. A peak that helps to create the island of Saba attractiveness, Mount Scenery is one of the island’s four towns with the stunning capital city called The Bottom being the largest. You will enjoy hiking to the top of Mount Scenery as you walk along the stony steps along the trail.

Saba© by alljengi

Excite the mind as you go through the cloud of forest to the peak. At the top you will notice the vibrant array of exotic flora and fauna that blooms in delight as the clouds soar above you. Step inside the heart of the crater at the top to be surrounded by the amazing jungle setting of mahogany trees, ferns and other tropical flowers. Enjoy the breathtaking views from the top at every turn as there are spectacular vistas to take in. On a clear day look out to St. Kitts or nearby Eustatius while the evergreen mountain forest stimulates the senses with distinctive nature in all forms and sizes.

Saba © by Serge Melki

An exceptionally great place to visit in Caribbean Netherland Antilles, Mount Scenery allows you to reconnect with nature as you step deep into the nature trails.