Long Weekend Getaways to Jamaica


Planning a weekend getaway? Why not head to Jamaica to experience the amazing Caribbean vibes. Laid back, warm and fun, Jamaica is a beautiful island for a long weekend getaway. The free spirit island has an exceptional island rhythm that you can make your own as it opens the gateway to many new adventures. And your weekend getaway to the island offers you the options of either a luxurious beach escape, a family-friendly getaway, a hideaway for couples or a relaxing singles escapade.

Explore any of  Jamaica’s 14 parishes and discover a variety of fun activities for you and every member of the family. If you are an adventurous traveler the island has a range of fun activities to keep you occupied. Explore Jamaica’s “off beaten paths” and go hiking on one of the picturesque mountains. Feel the thrill and the wind swooshing by as you go riding through the countryside or while zip-lining through the mountains. Or just head to the beach and go windsurfing, snorkeling, or horseback riding.

If you are traveling with the family the island is home to a range of attractions to keep everyone occupied. Head on over to the amazing Dunn’s River Falls and climb to the top of the falls with the family, go swimming with the dolphins at Dolphin Cove, or swirl down the tunnels of Kool Runnings Water Park with the kids.

For couples your weekend getaway in Jamaica will leave you wanting more. Enjoy a couple’s massage, with warm scented oils at one of the relaxing spas. Visit the beach and relax on the sands or enjoy the warm waters. Experience a beautiful Jamaican sunset as you walk hand-in-hand along the beach with your better half. Want some more? Spend a night on the town dancing. So what if you’re not a great dancer? Just have fun and go with it, no one cares.

In addition to this, Jamaica is home to a range of accommodations ranging from classic mountain retreats and villas to elegant hotels and beachfront resorts.

There is plenty to do on a weekend getaway to Jamaica, take a break and book a flight to explore the rich landscape and adventures of the island. Thank God for the weekend!

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