Land Sports For All Seasons in the Caribbean


With so much land sports to enjoy your Caribbean vacation. The islands of the Caribbean invite you to plunge into the variety, vibrancy and excitement of the region as you experience a unique and unforgettable vacation. Combine culture themes adventures with fabulous land sports as you have fun on your favorite island. Visit the islands and revel in the rhythms while enjoying a wonderful game of golf, tennis or squash. No matter what the time of year you decide to explore the Caribbean, you will be offered a variety of delightful attractions within luxury setting to please your most demanding needs.

December to April is the perfect time to get away from the cold winter months. The warm and inviting sun, sand and sea pull you to bask in the appealing atmosphere of the islands. Whatever you chose to do, you will be enchanted by the beauty of your surroundings as the warm sun and cool breezes, lure you to an exciting game.

Enjoy a game of polo, where you can gallop along the splendid coastlines or lush trails. Excel at your game as these amazing land sports, mounts you to heights of pleasure. Play golf on a spectacular course that allows you to tee off along truly magnificent greens, you golfing vacations will never be the same again.

Try playing cricket with a group of friends, the Caribbean ways and enjoy the bound shots that make you quickly work up a sweat. You can join in a game on the beach or at the park as the pulsating beats of reggae music or steel bands provides you with a relaxing setting to play more. Play tennis, basketball, baseball and volleyball as most of the resorts on the islands offer amazing courts to play on.  

Because of the varying backgrounds of the islands, each island has its own personality and charm. In this way, you can combine more than one island in a single vacation experience. When you consider the perfect beaches, the crystal clear waters and the enjoyable temperatures, the Caribbean is perhaps the greatest lure to a wonderful fun-filled land sports vacation.

Soak up the beautiful settings of the Caribbean and play your favorite sports all year round.