La Desirade Island – Valley of the Rivière


La Desirade Island – Valley of the Rivière The islands of the Guadeloupe are a collection of five islands. Located in the middle of the Caribbean basin, the islands of the Guadeloupe provide the curious traveler with an exceptional natural environment to have fun. Among the sandy beaches, turquoises waters, the flourishing forest areas, to the national parks, the islands of the Guadeloupe give each visitor a laid-back creation of enchantment.

The islands lay out is not only great but the natural surroundings provides a rich cultural heritage. About 10km off Grande-Terre Island, is the spectacular La Désirade Islands. This lovely array of landscape is least developed and also less visited. The nicest beaches on the island are nearly isolated; for the ultimate do to nothing vacation, this is the place to be.

La Désirade Island is only 11km long and 2km wide, with a central plateau called Grand Montagne that rises to 273m. The unoccupied north side of the island has a rocky coastline with jagged sea areas. While the south side has sandy beaches with protected reef, the La Désirade’s harbor and airport are on the southwestern side of the island in Beauséjour, which is the main village. However, there are small communities known as Le Souffleur and Baie Mahault for you to explore.

The charming Valley of the Rivière is where you will find delightful little homes, restaurants and shops lining the narrow streets. The colorful flowers and tropical plants in small pots gives a feel of soothing ambiance as the Valley of the Rivière is one of the prettiest places in the Caribbean to see and explore. Only a few cars are allowed to drive around on this small island at a time. If you do not want to walk around, a scooter is the only other means of transportation available.

It is fun to beach hop your way around the island, with its main attraction of an 18th century Fort Napoleon, located on top of a steep hill with stunning views of the Valley of the Rivière. In addition, the tours to the botanical gardens on the island are wonderful. The Valley of the Rivière on La Désirade Island provides a relaxing café au lait in the pretty town square; this restaurant offers you a peaceful dining experience. A delicious seafood dish is prepared daily from the morning’s catch.

Walking trails around the Valley of the Rivière and discover the real La Desirade; with the longest distance taking you about 1 hour to complete. Nevertheless, it only takes you about 5 hours to fully explore the island of La Desirade. Excursions from you hotel are available if you want to visit the Valley of the Rivière, to appreciate the unusual and beautiful beaches in this area.

Your stays on La Désirade Island will be one of much peace of mind. There are a few accommodation options on this island, and nightly entertainment is mainly a live band playing the popular zouke beat of this fabulous group of Guadeloupe islands.