Kite Surfing In Aruba


The island of Aruba is the ultimate destination for kite surfing adventures in the Caribbean. Boasting strong gusty winds to take you an exciting sea ride, your kite surfing tours will provide the best water sport activity you have ever done. Aruba is blessed with amazing shallow blue waters and sandy beaches making it easy to learn or practice your kite surfing skills on the island.

Kite surfing is a fun and adventurous water sports that allows you to glide or skip over Aruba’s waterways with pure excitement. The island’s constant trade winds have made Aruba a popular spot for kite surfing for just about all types of surfers. From beginners to skilled kite surfers, in Aruba you will find a suitable location on one of its lovely beaches. There are also excellent trainers available on the island to help you maneuver the sometimes challenging waters.

Kite surfing in Aruba is a combination of wakeboarding, windsurfing, surfing, paragliding and gymnastics that makes an exciting water sport. As you take the brave step of kite surfing in Aruba, you will be powered by the wind as you glide over the waves. There are a number of different styles of kite surfing that will be shown to you, such as freestyle, jumping, cruising or wave-riding techniques, which focuses on big waves using a special board.

Once you are fitted the correct gears, you will use a board with or without foot-straps and with the vibrant winds and a huge convenient kite you will ride across the water. Not to worry as kite surfing in Aruba is very safe along the shores of the island. In fact due to its extreme character this water sport only uses advance bow kite designs for your protection.

Experience the speed of kite surfing the waters of Aruba without the help of a boat or paddle. Rush through the waves at a super pace as you hang and glide over the coastlines in Aruba.