Kingston Attractions


Kingston Attractions4Kingston is the capital and cultural heart of Jamaica. It is the largest English-speaking city in the Caribbean and holds the one of the largest natural harbor in the world. Lying on the Liguanea Plains as it stretches out to the beautiful Caribbean Sea, you will love a sightseeing tour of the city’s attractions.

Kingston Attractions2Sightseeing in Kingston will bring you close to the city's rich colonial past, pulsating beats and appealing attractions. You will find attractions like Devon House, Bob Marley Museum, Emancipation Park or Rockfort Mineral Bath very enticing. Indulge in the busy market scene of Coronation Market to get a taste of   unique Jamaican flavor.

Despite Kingston's colorful past, you should not miss touring the wonderful art galleries and museums alongside the waterfront. Let us review the city’s most unique attractions to visit.

Start your tour with a visit to the National Gallery. This is where Jamaica's most important art collection can be viewed. The gallery displays the works of Jamaica's talented artists, such as Edna Manley, Christopher Gonzalez and the religious works of Mallica Reynolds.

Take a small journey from the city center to Port Royal. This town was once the wickedest city on earth as it was a haven for wild pirates. However, most of the town is under the sea due to the massive 1692 earthquake. On your tour you will see amazing ruins and historic past time of this charming town.

On your way from Port Royal stop at Rockfort Mineral Bath for a refreshing dip in its healing waters. The waters of the bath flow from the cool water springs in the surrounding mountain range. Its saline content provides a relaxing treat to revitalize you. 

Kingston Attractions1Stop for lunch at Norma’s on the Terrace at Devon House while you enjoy the beautiful Jamaican Georgian architecture. Devon House is located on Hope Road and sits on a lovely manicured landscape that is viewed as a national treasure. This house was built in the 19th century but remains a haven for couples and the best place for some delicious ice-creams.

Kingston Attractions3A few meters up the road is Bob Marley Museum. This museum holds Jamaica's famous singer-songwriter Bob Marley musical phenomenon. Explore the museums to see the works and listen to the reggae icon’s amazing songs.

Continue further to the gorgeous Hope Botanical Gardens for a relaxing retreat in natural beauty. This 50-acre oasis of beauty in the heart Kingston features pleasant paths that winds along manicured lawns and peaceful gardens. Spend some time in the cactus garden, orchid house, or forest garden with its ornamental pond.  A small zoo with exotic birds and wildlife of Jamaica and the Caribbean is also on the grounds.

These are just a few of the attractions to see in Kingston, and from the botanical gardens you can hike the soaring Blue Mountains that provide the perfect backdrop for Kingston with its bluish color mist.