Kayaking Mangrove Canals and Glow-In-The-Dark Bay


kayaking in the darkVisit this unusual part of beautiful Caribbean as you paddle through the mangrove canals which delight you with a new world that you have not seen before. A unique view of the mangrove lagoons and glow in the dark bay is a unique way to explore the islands, especially at nights.

The overhanging leafy branches give a soft dappled light over the narrow canals, as you kayak through the shallow waters on a low tide. Enjoy the views of the birds as they look for food or listen to the warblers singing in the branches. It's a delightful experience as you glide through the regions amazing ecosystem to relax the mind. Most mangroves are found along the shorelines of the islands, these attractive bays that sometimes surround a beautiful lagoon, are where you can enjoy a kayak tour through the red, black or white mangroves.

There are usually trips in the day and night, as each tour takes you to the channels of an exciting adventure. It is not so dark on your way through the channel, but it is dark by the time you get to the inner canals. The mangrove trees make a canopy over your head, which is low in some spots. But as you get closer to the heart of this wonderful scene, you will notice the beautiful sparkles of unique island setting.

Kayaking Mangrove CanalsPaddle your way through the dark waters of a glowing bay. Kayak across a marina to a channel that leads to the lagoon. Once you get through the channel, it opens up to a large lagoon. By now, your paddles will leave a swirl of glow behind at each stroke. Your guided tour will explain the bioluminescence phenomenon, and answer any questions any you might have. After learning about this wonderful glowing bay, you can plunge into the water to excite the mind with its radiant sheen. After your tour head to a lovely, unspoiled beach where you can float in the warm Caribbean waters.

See the birds, mangroves and fish, in protected surroundings and learn of the importance of the mangroves, while on your unique Caribbean vacation. This will be very educational and enjoyable, something you will remember for years to come.