Kayaking and Snorkeling in Puerto Rico


Explore the amazing waters of Puerto Rico on an exciting kayaking and snorkeling tours. Kayaking or snorkeling is wonderful water sport to enjoy while on vacation in the Caribbean, and in Puerto Rico there are many lovely spot to have fun doing just that. From the legendary bioluminescent bays for kayaking exploits through to the lagoons where you can snorkel around the remarkable reefs, your water sport adventures in Puerto Rico. Paddle across to Culebra Isle as you excite the mind with crystal clear waters which surrounds it. Enjoy your kayaking and snorkeling tours, no matter what your level of experience is. This will surely be the highlight of your Puerto Rican vacation.

Row your way through Puerto Rico’s kayaking and snorkeling hotspots as you start your adventures in the clear waters of Tamarindo Beach. This is where the superb trip of kayak takes you to the unspoilt location of the island’s west coast. These tours come with complete guidelines as you paddle your way across the pristine waters of the beach. Enjoy the seeing the turtles swim by as you kayak to the Luis Pena Marine Reserve, with the magnificent views of Culebra Isle in the distant. Amazingly stunning, Culebra Island offers one of the most exciting snorkeling tours.

Kayak and Snorkel Tour © by Smart Destinations

Boasting the clearest waters with a variety of marine life, you will enjoy exploring water to discover some of the most incredible sea creatures like turtles, nurse sharks or stingrays that gently swim by. Join in the fun as the beautiful school of fish invites you to flow the path for more adventures. View the colorful coral, sponges as they grab your attention with vibrant shades of blue, green or orange. After your underwater adventures it time to paddle your way back to the shore to enjoy a delicious lunch. As you capture the experience of this wonderful kayaking and snorkeling tour, bask in the beauty of the rugged coastlines which teems with gorgeous coral gardens.

With fascinating adventures that surrounds you with unspoilt nature in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico uniquely bring you closer to its amazing coral reef that is filled with surprises. Without a doubt kayaking and snorkeling tours in Puerto Rico are an amazing way to explore the island on a superb Caribbean trip.