Jet-setting with James Bond


Life is great in the Caribbean when you decide to take it like a James Bond character. Jet-setting through the islands is an exciting ways to explore and discover the Caribbean dangerously. It’s thrilling when you have to hop on a plane every few days to fly between exotic destinations, where you can visit the lively casinos and behave like a sneaky villain without being noticed as your mission is to have fun with the islands attraction courtesy of the Caribbean secret hideaways.

Play Dr No on Jamaica’s northeastern coast, stand in the exact spot where the movie was filmed and imagine you where the sexy Ursula Andress coming from the depths of alluring James Bond Beach in Portland. This is where you play out your scene along the gorgeous beach while the pulsating reggae beats plays representing a holiday destination that is both relaxing yet toxic.
Indulge your James Bond fantasy and fly to the Bahamas like you are in the movie “From Russia with Love”. Spread your wings and explore as much islands as you can. Locate a unique hot spot to unwind while you plan your next move against the exotic backdrop of Eleuthera, Exuma, Grand Bahama or Abacos Islands.

Sneak away to Trinidad and Tobago because “You Only Live Twice”. Slip away to Tobago and stay at Store Bay then appear in Port of Spain to enjoy the culture, eat delicious Bake’n Shark or attend the carnival. Elude the regular happening to skip along the Brian Lara Promenade to visit the amazing set of stores.

Live and Let Die and explore the wonders of mystical Haiti. Even the island is going through a rough era there are interesting places to visit. Be the 007 agent you are as you rip through the voodoo landscape to discover Labadie Island, Petionville or any of the grand forts like La Citadelle. Enjoy the black-magic ambiance as you frolic among the unique settings and sizzling nightclubs.

Jet-set to Puerto Rico on a “Quantum of Solace” tour, go wild on this exotic island as you hike through the El Yunque rainforest to find a fabulous waterfall to take a refreshing dip. Take in the dramatic views along the way as you make your way to the top. With your heart-pounding with excitement, stop and relax as you enjoy the views as it ignites your desire to travel more!
Okay, there is more jet-setting to do in the Caribbean, pack your bags for a tour which involves these adventures and more.