Jamaican Vacation With Zip


For an adventurous Jamaican vacation, try zip-lining through the canopies of tropical landscape in Ocho Rios, Portland or St. Elizabeth. This exciting tour will take you through a scenic nature trail while you glide across a series of decks and platforms, connected by unique paths that are built in the trees of the forest. You will experience and have fun with the variety of features that towers over the diversity of Jamaica’s amazing landscape.

You will see and hear the rushing cool river waters below, as you cross the lush pathways of excitement. Before you start your zip-lining adventure, you will be given a brief lesson on how to navigate through the paths while enjoying all the beauty that surrounds you.  You will go across acres of beautiful landscape that will take you through miles and miles of forested areas. This is an amazing experience as you glide through a tunnel of trees, feeling like the many birds that surround you.

Sarah Zip Wiring © by cornstaruk

The fun begins with you zip-lining above the refreshing Great River. This adventure allows you to enjoy the exciting rush of flying over this cool river at a height of about 100 feet. Its pure adrenaline rush as you glide over the scenic waters, while catching a glimpse of the fruit trees and exotic wildlife. This tour also comes with many different options, where you stop for a while to relax, take a boat ride down this historic river to get close to the island’s stunning countryside. Then it’s back on the trail for more zip-lining adventures.

Head over to YS Falls in St. Elizabeth as you zip-line through the parish and stop for lunch at Middle Quarters to enjoy delicious seafood with bammy and festival. This area is a popular place to really taste authentic Jamaican meals and while there you can sample a cup of conch soup or peppered shrimp. Once you have savored your Jamaican delicacies, you can continue on you trails to enjoy the natural beauty which surrounds this amazing parish. Jump right into the adventure and climb to the top of the YS Falls to view the most superb waterfall you have ever seen.


Caroline Zip Line DSC00848 © by stevendepolo

While at the top, you will be fitted with comfortable gliding gears as you start your zip-lining tour to unbelievable heights. Your ride will take you through winding paths across the river as you glide down a thrilling array of gorgeous sights. This tour may last a bit longer, but it will be well worth it as you scream and enjoy your zip-lining vacation in Jamaica. After reaching your final destination you can swim or walk back to the platform for more fun adventures. This is a must do tour while vacationing in Jamaica, no matter what you are there for.