Hike in the Guánica Dry Forest


Hike in the Guánica Dry Forest Puerto Rico is a wonderful diverse landscape that has many beautiful features such as the Guánica Dry Forest. Nestled by the Bay of Guánica, this dry forest is situated in one of the sunniest and driest parts of Puerto Rico. The temperatures in this region sometimes can reach up 100 degrees with least amount of annual rainfall.

Officially called the Guánica State Forest and Biosphere Reserve, this forest is a prime example of dry forest in comparison to other forested areas of the island. Surprisingly, this forest is green with tall trees and flowering plants. Seeing the name, you would expect to see a brown looking forest because of its dry description; total opposite.

Guánica Dry Forest is positioned on the southwestern coast of the island and is about 90 minutes from San Juan. Camping is not permitted in this forest. Take a hike to the stunning Guánica Dry Forest to see many Puerto Rican wildlife. Explore the hiking trails of this 1,000 acres of forest, especially during the month of September when temperatures are more comfortable. While there you will see many exotic birds and be able to lookout to the scenic Guánica Bay.

The Guánica Dry Forest is often seen as a bird watcher’s paradise. Follow the trails of the flowering shrubs to the fortress known as the Fort Caprón. While at the fortress you will see the nicely decorated signal tower, which offers some great views of the surroundings. Ensure you bring along plenty of drinking water, sunscreen and insect repellants. Go a bit further to see the Fuerte trail. This hiking trail has many flag poles along the way to help you to climb the hilly terrain.

Take a left turn from this trail downhill, and take some amazing pictures of Ojo de Agua. This area is a rich green forestry vicinity all year round with refreshing freshwater springs. In addition, to the selected hiking trails, you can explore the forest by walking the dirt roads any time of day.

However, while hiking trails in Guánica Dry Forest you will see moist ravines mostly on the upper hills, where the trees are taller. Of the over 240 trees and bushes that grow in Guánica Forest about 47 are endangered species while about 16 are endemic to this region only.

Guánica Dry Forest is one of the most essential reserves in Puerto Rico, which houses the largest quantity of bird species. So take a hike to this part of the island and explore the trails of wonders in this Caribbean bliss.