Grande-Anse – Grande Montagne


Grande-Anse – Grande Montagne The butterfly shaped islands of Guadeloupe is actually two set of islands called Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre. They are separated by a narrow water channel called the Riviere-Salee. The two halves produce islands of plenty differences. The dry plains of Grande-Terre is a flat fields of sugarcane dotted along the colourful towns and valleys, while the long white sandy beaches is a spectacle in its own self. The mountainous Basse-Terre lands are filled with waterfalls, rivers, hot springs from volcanoes, black sandy beaches and haven for divers. Guadeloupe is an overseas territory for France, which boasts a beautiful blend of African, East Indian and French cultures. You will be entertained in an atmosphere with spicy Creole cuisine, with fine French wines. While the brightly coloured fishing boats with the day’s catch provides you with a feel of island glory. Guadeloupe has few islands and cays that are inhabited or unoccupied; the Grande Anse area on the island of Basse-Terre is located on a hillside surrounded by lush tropical vegetation. The Grande Anse area is perfect for a quiet and relaxing getaway from the hustle and bustle of the more modern Guadeloupian towns. Lovely and inviting Grande Anse Beach awaits your visit. Exploring the Grande Anse district you will discover the very beautiful and small community of Grande Montagne. This island community provides you with the privacy of a coastal grove within a town setting. The climate in Grande Montagne is subtropical tempered with its cool Caribbean breeze. The landscape was formed by an active volcano long ago. During your visit to the Grande-Anse, Grande Montagne you will find great Creole and French cuisine throughout the town island. Dishes are normally a combination of seafood delights that usually includes the catch of the day, whether it is lobster, conch or fish. Small cafes in the community of Grande Montagne serve a wonderful array of locals and international cuisines. The Guadeloupian culture is seen everywhere you go on the islands, from their assorted ethnic mix of African, French and Indian influences, you are bound to find lovely souvenirs in Grande Montagne. There are several events and festivities to enjoy throughout the year when you visit Grande Montagne, all of these celebrations are fun and excited to enjoy. Some of the events to see are sailing regattas, Festival of Women Cooks or the Festival of Creole Music. For a small community, the Grande Montagne offers some of the best hotel accommodations to include guest houses, inns to bed and breakfast facilities. Guadeloupian hospitality is second to none and you are guaranteed the best options for island accommodations that will suit your budget and style. Almost self-catering, Grande Montagne is made up of exotic accommodations with most of them located on the water edge and is embroidered by tropical gardens. Surrounded by two beaches, the Grande Montagne offers plenty of water sports activity to do. There are small shops where you can buy snacks of craft items. Being called the Islands of Beautiful Waters, Guadeloupe attracts many visitors to their shores to enjoy the lovely beaches, the finest Creole in the Caribbean, or to hike to the summit of La Soufrière, Guadeloupe got it all.