Go Whale watching in Dominican Republic


whale watching dominican republicThe white sandy beaches and radiant blue waters of the Dominican Republic have made this island one of the most traveled destinations in the world. But if you are looking for something more excited to do while vacationing in this tropical paradise then you can take a tour and go whale watching while on vacation there.

Whale watching has become one of the fastest growing adventure tours of the Dominican Republic. As you will be able to go whale watching in a medium to large boats, which will provide you with a superb opportunity to get a great view of the whales. The Whale-watching season in the Dominican Republic normally starts from January 14th and continues through March 15th. However, sometimes the season will be extended through the ending of March.

The marine life in Dominican Republic is plentiful and the most frequently spotted species include the humpback and sperm whales. The male whales are often seen leaping in the waters, especially in the mating seasons, and you will see remarkable displays of “acrobatic moves”. The whale watching operators provide you with the up close and personal experience to see these gentle giants, playing slapping their flippers, lifting their tails and singing and leaping out of the water. These beautiful creatures are mostly seen on the northern part of the island called the Samana Peninsula or Samana Bay.

During your visit to Dominican Republic, you can locate tour operators, or you can book your whale watching excursion online before you depart for the Caribbean island or with your hotel. Witnessing these magnificent creatures is definitely an experience of a lifetime, and it will be one that no marine wildlife enthusiasts would want to pass on.

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