Go Scuba Diving Snorkeling and Diving In Jamaica


Go Scuba Diving Snorkeling and Diving In Jamaica Explore the beautiful waters of Jamaica by planning a day of water sport activities and do some scuba diving, snorkeling and diving. These activities provide you with the ideal way to discover Jamaica’s marine life at its best.

A Jamaican scuba diving experience is one not to be missed as this lovely island offers several locations of great adventure. Jamaica’s north coast has a wide variety of coral reef structures to see, these walls are coated with a mixture of soft and hard corals.

The very attractive elephant-ears, rope sponges, baskets and tubes found in many shades of colors include orange, pink, yellow and red. Fabulous to see and explore the hanging walls creates a world of untold discoveries. Lobsters, king crabs and a beautiful array of exotic fishes call this place home.

For your diving pleasures you can explore the waters surrounding the western part of Jamaica to see the most beautiful grottos and caves. Some of these underground grottos and caves offer you exceptional marine life to see such as red and yellow sponges, eels in their natural surroundings. If you are looking for a more large scale exploration you can visit to Discovery Bay Marine Lab in St. Ann. The main sights to go diving while vacationing in Jamaica are the shorelines nearest to Runaway Bay, Ocho Rios or Negril.

Get fitted into your snorkeling and diving gears and explore the clear, warm waters of Jamaica. However, one of the best snorkeling and diving areas to discover is at Doctor’s Cave Beach. This amazing water of much aqua life includes yellow-head wrasses and spotted parrot.

It is very easy to explore the waters of Jamaica, but there are some points to consider when doing so, such as, do not touch the sea animals and coral, or walk/stand on the reefs, do not wear shiny clothing, do not stay too long underwater and to use a dive flag always.

If you are in for a more adventurous tour you can visit the Rock Cliff Reef or the Sharks Reef to observe some of the most impressive marine life that lives in these waters.