Go on a Trinidad Highlights and Scenic Drive


Trinidad Highlights and Scenic Drive Visit the islands of Trinidad and Tobago and experience some of their most wonderful and scenic attractions. Start your tour with the remarkable Parliament building known as the Red House as well as the Magnificent Seven. These chains of impressive colonial houses were originally built at the beginning of the 20th century to house private dwellings. Follow the path around the Queens Park Savannah, and take a short breathier at the tranquil Royal Botanical Gardens; this tropical garden of shady exotic trees and tropical flowers provide the perfect setting for a relaxing time.

Explore the Maracas Beach, which is one the most famous beaches in northern Trinidad. After a quick stop in Port of Spain to get great deals on shopping treats; travel through Saddle Road to a gorgeous getaway of superb views called Lady Young Lookout. In this area you will be able to see exceptional views of Port of Spain.

Leaving this lookout point, you can head to Santa Cruz Valley, where you will see numerous coffee and cocoa plantations. Keep traveling this route unto the scenic North Coast Road, where you will see lovely views of the Caribbean Sea. You can stop along the way and take a dip in the warm and inviting waters.

For another round of Trinidad’s scenic drive, you can visit the Caroni Nature Sanctuary. This haven is a mangrove swamp covering a vast area on Trinidad’s northwestern coast. While there you can take ride on a large flat bottomed boat; which will slowly move along the attractive yet calm waterways and lagoons. The most astonishing thing you will see is the brightly colored bird known as the Scarlet Ibis, among other wildlife.

Take a scenic cruise down Trinidad’s coastal roadway that overlooks the Gulf of Paria and bounded by the Northern Range. Then make your way to one of the Trinidad’s Yacht Marinas and take a journey between any of the small isles until you reach Gasparee Island. This isle holds a breathtaking large limestone cave with amazing rock formations and a bottomless lake. After your visit of this isle, travel to Scotland Bay, and enjoy delicious dishes of Trinidad, such as the Bake and Shark sandwich or Curry Chicken skewer served with Eggplant Relish and Tomato chutney vinaigrette. To cool down your taste buds you can try sipping on some cool coconut water and rum.

Hop over to the amazing smaller island of Tobago, which boasts a wonder for itself. Begin your tour at the capital city of Scarborough, where you can drive through the scenic town to view an old Fort King George with its lovely museum, before moving unto the exceptional Windward Road. Enjoy fabulous beaches with little coastal villages along the way; with lush green mountains in the backdrop.

Then, tour a 10th century sugar plantation called the Richmond Great House and small fishing villages in the town of Charlottesville (northern most point of the island); and just beyond this town you will see Pigeon Peak, which is Tobago’s highest mountain. Driving along the winding coastal road, you will pass plenty of rivers and pretty tropical flora and fauna.

Plan your vacation for the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago and take pleasure from their highlighted attractions and scenic drives.

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