Finding Your Own Temptation Island


Imagine an island where the views are so breathtaking with shades of blue and green as you sit in a wicker chair sipping cool coconut water, this is your own tropical temptation island. In the Caribbean, you will find many islands that tempt you with their natural allure and gorgeous settings as they emphasized on providing the ultimate Caribbean vacation you are looking for.

The swaying palm trees are powerful with the beautiful waters in the waters luring you to the white sandy beaches with curly waves. These temptation isles are filled with playful beaches, which are scattered along the rugged coastlines of the island. Certainly this is the perfect place to enjoy sunbathing, swimming, windsurfing or exploring the wonderful marine life below. Even more alluring the locals will entice you with exotic cuisines and cultural highlights.

St. John, USVI

In harmony with the natural settings, St. John invites you to comfort and luxury. You can enjoy each day at your own pace while making it memorable. St. John is a tempting island that boasts great snorkeling and diving sites, not to mention the fabulous array of accommodating luxurious amenities.

Little Cayman

Plan a few days on Little Cayman as they will charm you with old-world elegance and beauty. Your vacation will be surrounded by secluded spots for you to explore the island. Marvel at the exotic birds or enjoy a snorkeling tour to see many of the island’s unique seas creatures.

St. Kitts

It is an island that offers rustic setting that blends nicely with luxurious amenities. You will love this temptation isle, especially couples seeking alone time together. Providing an exciting appeal, St. Kitts and Nevis is where you want to be with its swaying palm trees, beautiful waters and flourishing forests which surround the islands.

Dominican Republic northern coast © by http2007

Turks & Caicos

These islands have a charming yet secluded atmosphere which allows you to bask in the sun or relax under a shady tree. Visit the most alluring of them all on Providenciales Isles, as they pamper you with delightful scenes and deserted landscape while the lovely backdrop tempt you with more…


This island is so unique and peaceful that you will enjoy its own sense of character. Ideally situated below Trinidad, Tobago is the perfect destination to escape from the busy resort towns. It is also a bird-watcher haven as this is where many exotic birds and wildlife teems with life. Spend a day on the calm beaches while enjoying the breathtaking view of the bays.

Grab a book or a friend to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and exotic beaches in the Caribbean as you nestle on your own temptation isle.