Finding the Real Pirates of the Caribbean


Ah, pirates. The Caribbean was filled with them. If you are seeking out the real pirates of the Caribbean there is no better place than the places where they were known to hide out. Maybe there are still a few “Brethren of the Coast” hiding out there.

Tortuga, Haiti

Hijack and take your family and friends  hostage in Tortuga, Haiti. A small isle off the the northern Haitian shore, Tortuga still was once a pirate’s hideaway. The island is home to acres of scenic territory as well as some pristine beaches, which you are likely to have all to yourself. Tortuga is ideal for adventure seekers and eco-adventures especially birdwatcher and nature lovers since it is an unexploited paradise. The island’s most notable pirate remnant is the 17th century port around the southern part of the island, a popular place for trading.

Port Royal, Jamaica

The swashbuckling enclave of Port Royal was once one of the most famous pirate hideouts until an earthquake sunk most of the city in 1692. The town’s most famous residents included Captain Henry Morgan, Edward “Blackbeard” Teach and Admiral Lord Nelson. Yeah, you’ve heard about them and on your trip to the island you can roam the street like he did in the 16th century. Port Royal holds most of its buccaneer sites (the ones that didn’t sink) including Fort Charles, the Maritime Museum which sank three and a half feet during the earthquake and houses pipes, tools, dishes and other treasures recovered from the sea. Other notable sites include the Old Naval Hospital, the world’s oldest prefabricated building; St Peter’s Church

Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands was an active area pirates for many years. Most notable were George Lowther and Blackbeard, who controlled most of the waters. Cayman still cherish its pirate heritage and on a visit to the island you can enjoy the Pirates Week Festival. This is a week long event in November during which the islands come alive with exciting pirate’s festivities. Don’t forget to wear your best pirate attire.

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