Exploring the Bull Head Mountains


Clarendon, the third largest parish of Jamaica is famous for its sugar cane, bauxite, tobacco, and the World renowned Milk River Bath, which is a therapeutic mineral spa that has attracted many people to the parish. Clarendon is bordered by St Ann in the north, St Catherine in the east and Manchester in the west. Clarendon is located in the county of Middlesex, and is also home to the great Bull Head Mountain.

Mountain Hike © by Ryan Somma

Bull Head Mountain is protected and is a part of the Jamaican Forest Reserves. The Bull Head Forest Reserve (BHFR) stretches from Western St. Catherine to Northern Clarendon and covers 220.6 hectares. Bull Head Mountain peak marks the centre of the Jamaican island and is the parish’s highest point at is 3600 ft. This mountain was called Bull Head because the shape of the mountain looks like that of a bull’s head. This mountain is also a clear landmark to vessels that approaches the island from the south coast.

Bull Head is perfect for hiking and the trails are wide enough for you to drive most of the way. There is even an annual hiking celebration that is held on Ash Wednesdays in the mountain for you to enjoy the cultural experience of Clarendon. This celebration has a lot of Jamaican food, music and the kids can get wild at the kid’s village. At the mountain’s peak you will have a magnificent view of the country’s South Coast and the parishes of Manchester and St. Elizabeth along with their bauxite plants. If you use a binocular you will be able to see further.

Mountain Hike © by Ryan Somma

You can visit Bull Head all year round however it is best not to go hiking during the rainy months or during the Christmas season as the place can get really cold. When going hiking make sure you wear comfortable clothing and walking shoes, a water bottle (a spring and water catchment is in the mountain) and always carry food as there is no place available for you to get food in the mountain. The Bull Head Mountain has a lot of local vegetation, animals, birds and the climate is pleasant all year round. There are also several small communities sprinkled in the area and if you are seeking accommodation it will have to be at one of the few guest houses in the area or with a local family.

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