Exploring Negril Jamaica


Exploring Negril Jamaica Jamaica has a lot to offer, so enjoy any of these beautiful places on your next vacation in Jamaica and visit the charming town of Negril. Negril is located on the western end of Jamaica landscape and have lovely beaches, beautiful sunset, especially on the western side of the town. Negril is a great beach resort town located in the midst of two Jamaican parishes of Westmoreland and Hanover.

Negril was merely nothing more than a lighthouse to guide ships around the rocky western coast, until the hippies discover its treasures. Thereafter, Negril began its first step to resort fame. Nowadays, the town of Negril seems like a haven for young and trendy travelers who want a bit of urban flair. Every year, Negril plays host to two great and exciting party scenes. ATI and RTI are the main summer events that attract travelers to this town.

Mother Nature blessed Negril with seven miles of crystal white sandy beaches and fabulous cliff to take a dive from. As you leave this seven-mile strip and pass the roundabout you would be in the center of Negril and from here the road wanders along to the West End, where hotels and restaurants cling to the cliff’s edge.

It is easy to explore Negril, after all it only has one road, and it runs along the beach. Take it easy and walk along the beach or the main highway and you will feel encouraged to rush to the lovely waters beyond.

Negril has a number of unique attractions to enjoy, including the Belvedere Estate; this place is a family owned estate that has opened its doors for you to share the natural beauty of its rivers and waterfalls, its ruins and exotic plants and birds. For horseback riding, you can take two hour ride through the banana and coconut groves and high into the hills.

As for dining out, Negril has a huge variety of restaurants to suit all budgets, such as, the Hunan Garden Chinese Restaurant at Country, the Kuyaba , or the Xtabi’s restaurant just to name a few. Accommodations in Negril are plentiful as the town boasts some of the most rewarding stays to fit any traveler. Choosing from all-inclusive resorts to villas and guesthouses your choice of stays will provide the ultimate experience you are longing for.

Negril is a world apart, with its pristine beauty that brought it fame is only a memory, but the magic persists for you to enjoy.