Explore the Colonial Buildings in Guadeloupe


 Explore the Colonial BuildingsGuadeloupe is a tropical French Caribbean island with an amazing landscape of white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, waterfalls, hot springs, volcanic mountains to explore and beautiful forests. For this reason, diving and hiking are among the most popular activities in Guadeloupe to do. Nevertheless, you can explore the colonial buildings and enjoy the scenic views of Guadeloupe’s rich past. From the captivating blends of atmosphere, this French-speaking paradise is where you can find fabulous things to do and see.

The wide town square of Le Moule has a few historic buildings, including the town hall and a Neoclassical Catholic church. Along the river are some visible waterfront ruins from an old customs building and a fortress dating back to the original French settlement. Le Moule was once an early French capital of Guadeloupe while being a prominent Native American settlement in pre-colonial times. It's authentic building among the bustling main streets.

Explore Musée St-John Perse that occupies an attractive 19th century colonial building. View the elaborate wrought-iron balconies, as the museum offers both a glimpse of a Creole home and displays on Perse's life and work. Dedicated to the famous poet Alexis Léger, this museum is one of the many colonial buildings to discover while in Guadeloupe.

Pointe-a-Pitre offers a blend of the traditional and modern city life, as the colonial architecture offers a flavor of the Caribbean. Explore the many colonial remains and traditional houses that can be seen throughout the city. You will come across its original charm that serves as a window to the island’s past. At the site of the former Reimonenq distillery in the village of Bellevue is the Musee Du Rhum. While here you can learn about the history of sugar and rum production on the island as the displays of old cane carts and machinery offers peek into the distillery operational days, dating to the 1707. Also you will see ship models and an intriguing collection of giant insects from all over the world.

Fine examples of colonial architecture are some of the great attractions to be found in Guadeloupe. Enjoy the sights of French colonial houses with decorative artwork, as you discover Guadeloupe.