Explore the Beaches in Bahamas


Beach, BahamasWhite, golden, or pink sands the beaches in the Bahamas are waiting to be explored by beach lovers from across the world. The islands of Bahamas possess some of the most rewarding beach vacation spot that are so peaceful and scenic. With over 2000 islets and cays to choose from the best beaches in Bahamas are usually covered with powdery sands with intimate coves and bays along the coastline. The Bahamas is a scuba vacation paradise and visitors can expect fabulous beaches to explore.

Start a well needed scuba vacation in the Caribbean and let the beaches in Bahamas create the most spectacular theme for you and your family to enjoy. The Bahamas islands are long and narrow; which makes it easy to walk from one beach to another. Amazingly, the beaches are mostly facing east as the ocean invites you to go on an adventurous surfing trip.

Most Bahamian resorts have their own private beaches and are usually some of the best beaches in the Bahamas, but don’t let that stop you from venturing out on your own to discover more magnificent Bahamas beaches. Since the islands of the Bahamas are made from coral, the exposed limestone creates warm pools of fish and other marine life to be seen up close.

Explore the Beaches in Bahamas Visitors will be able to explore any of the beaches in Bahamas and discover something new, interesting, and beautiful at every turn. The best beach in Bahamas is Cabbage Beach but the most popular is Cable Beach. Located on Paradise Island, Cable Beach is always buzzing with excitement. Ideally located near to the Atlantis Resort visitors always venture to this perfect beach spot for some fun.

A great beach to enjoy any time of the year, Cable Beach is a wonderful stretch of 4 miles and is perfect for beach bums. Have all the fun, sand and sea while at Cable Beach as the small shady areas provides an escape from the sun. Eat tasty seafood’s or snacks, while enjoying the scenery of the surroundings. Cable Beach also provides beach-goers with exciting access to casinos, bars, and stores on Paradise Island.

Cabbage Beach is also on Paradise Island, but no changing rooms are there. The few restaurants and shop assist visitors with restroom facilities. Western Esplanade is a lovely beach near downtown Nassau. A great spot for scuba diving vacations, Western Esplanade has all the right facilities to accommodate visitors.

Exploring other beaches in the Bahamas will take you to the Caves Beach. Perfect for couples or honeymooners, Caves Beach features small coves or inlets to have intimate time together. Caves Beach is less crowded than other beaches of the islands. However, visiting this beach visitor should be aware that there are no changing rooms available. Another fantastic and cool thing about the beaches of the Bahamas is visitors can almost always find one completely secluded, even during high season. Because there are so many, it is easy to go on an island beach exploration. However, you choose to do you your exploring, breathtakingly beautiful beaches in Bahamas are always a few steps away.

Beach lovers who want a bit more adventurous getaways, than relaxing or enjoying the natural beauty of the beaches, can visit the Dolphin Beach Resort on Great Guana Cay. This resort offers the perfect blend of fun activity on both land and sea. Enjoy walking through nature trails with miles of quiet beach spaces. While the excellent opportunities for fishing, diving, and snorkeling beckons to have an enjoyable time on the islands.

The most amazing thing about Bahamas beaches, they are countless and all the islands have loads of unbelievable beaches for sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, surfing, playing, or walking. Explore any of them at your own leisure.