Explore Port of Spain


Explore Port of Spain Port of Spain is the capital city of the twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Situated on the northwestern coast of Trinidad; this lively and welcoming city, is a wonderful place to spend your great Caribbean vacation.

Trinidad is famous for its amazing carnival experiences, and Port of Spain is in the heart of this vibrant, rich cultural life. To explore Port of Spain with all its amazing art galleries, theaters to their beautiful beaches will take more than a few days of pleasure.

The city of Port of Spain is nestled among spectacular mountain and sea views, with a blend of architectural styles, which includes Indian, Spanish, African and British. While exploring Port of Spain, you will see many 19th century buildings beautifully preserved to maintain their original features, such as the lovely and charming gingerbread houses.

The natural harbor in Port of Spain provides the ideal settings to take nice strolls to view the attractive Caribbean Sea\. Along this path are many shopping and restaurant facilities, where you can buy souvenirs and taste delicious dishes of Trinidad. Follow the paths a bit further which will take you to the Brian Lara Promenade/Independence Square. This area boasts some of the most renowned old Spanish warehouses, offices, shops and other bits and pieces of docks along the thoroughfare.

Explore the western part of the city, where you will see a small community known as Woodbrook. In this area, you can view several stylishly made 20th century homes; which are mainly owned by Indian settlers. A bit further away is the parish of St. James, where you will see many small appealing homes.

The beaches in Port of Spain is a must visit. These inviting set of clear, blue waters offers cooling temperatures to relax in or enjoy any of your favourite watersports like diving and snorkeling. Along the beach sides are little shops that offer tasty treats like barbecue or jerk chicken or pork with roti. One of the best and longest beaches in Port of Spain to visit is the Mayaro Bay Beach.

If you visit during the carnival time the waterfront comes alive with loads of exciting treats, such as, parades, music and calypso competitions. Enjoy the sounds of steel bands, while locals show off their elaborate costumes, throughout the streets.

Take a leisure tour of the Royal Botanic Gardens, this gorgeous garden was created in 1818 and is one of the oldest gardens in the Caribbean. This garden boasts about 700 species of trees and flowering plants, many of which are native to Trinidad and Tobago. The Queen’s Park Savannah is located in the heart of Port of Spain, which features a one-way traffic flowing clockwise. This park is very beautiful as the sunsets over Port of Spain.

Take a trip to Trinidad and Tobago, and enjoy staying in Port of Spain where the heart of this amazing twin republic beats. One of the best times to visit is during the carnival season, so you can partake in any of their energetic attractions.