Explore Old San Juan


Old-San-Juan-puerto-ricoOriginally built as a defense fort, Old San Juan was once the hub of Spanish colonial days. Explore Old San Juan and be rewarded with one of the most pleasant experiences any traveler could imagine. From the stunning golden sands to the magnificent rainforest and unique culture and history, Puerto Rico is a great island in the Caribbean to explore. Boasting rich colonial architecture, with hanging balconies and cobble stone streets, travel back in time and feel the effects of days gone by.

Beautiful places to explore hold no abound in Old San Juan. Although Old San Juan is relatively small, the city forms an exquisite array of original beauty of Puerto Rico’s landscape. A perfect city to explore, Old San Juan creates the right themes to visit and if you are a history buff that wants to see the best attractions of the island; this is the place to start.

Old San Juan is full of remarkable museums, each offering a bit of the city history. With plenty of art exhibitions and collections of historical relics, visitors can easily explore these museums. A few must see museums in Old San Juan are: Institute of Puerto Rican Culture, Museo de Arte e Historia, Casa del Libro or the beautiful La Casa Blanca that was the home of Juan Ponce de Leon, even though he died before he could live there.

As one of the most energetic and imaginative town in Puerto Rico, Old San Juan is an amazingly organized and cultured place to visit. Walk the streets of the old capital and enjoy partying till the wee hours. The fabulous cuisines tempt the taste buds with rewarding food delights.

With plenty humor and zest, visitors to Old San Juan will notice the creative passion of the locals. Overlooking San Juan Bay visitors can explore some of the islands most astounding attractions. Visit the lovely Paseo de la Princesa and spend a few hours in the afternoons viewing the displays of talented artisans. Along with a great fan-fair the lively sounds of music fills the air as the occasion take on a different theme.

Enjoy the wonderful La Cathedral de San Juan with its strong wooden door that invites you to take a peek. Enter the church and view aspects of colonial days Mass. This beautiful church was built in 1540 and is an excellent model of Gothic architecture; in the marble tomb laid the remains of Juan Ponce de Leon.

The La Fortaleza is a small castle has been use as a mansion for years, explore the wonders of this house and take a guided tour Monday through Friday. Rising high above the sea level is the outstanding El Morro that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and San Juan Bay.

Built to protect the city is the San Cristobal Fort, which was finally completed in 1771. One of the oldest theaters in the Western Hemisphere, known as Teatro Tapia; still amazes visitors with grand performances of plays, ballets and concerts held regularly to enjoy.

Delightfully captivating, Old San Juan has many accommodations options, so travelers will not be too far from exploring the rich landscape of beauty. From its uniquely Spanish colonial architecture to its comforting guestrooms with superb amenities, visitors to Old San Juan can expect a perfect blend of old world charm and new era styles.

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