Explore La Parguera


La Parguera is a small fishing town in Lajas, Puerto Rico that is best known for its bioluminescent bay. Situated on the southwestern coast of the island, La Parguera is one of the areas in Puerto Rico that offers an exceptional and amazing nightly phenomenon along the Phosphorescent Bay. This bioluminescent bay is made up of two inlets, Bahia Monsio Jose and Bahia la Parguera, which sparkle as it creates a stunning beam show.

Although La Parguera is a small fishing village there are many things for you to do such as biking tours, hiking along the nature trails, or bird watching in the forest areas. But if you want water sports adventure there is kayak and kite surfing activities. Lose yourself amid the maze of mangrove swamps, channels, canals that leads to wonderful offshore isles and cays. Nicely sited, La Parguera makes an enjoyable vacation spot in Puerto Rico to have fun with all the unique settings. One of the best places to start your Caribbean vacation on the island, you will love their range of fabulous accommodations, lovely restaurants and a vibrant bar culture to enjoy.

Moonrise over the dock © by arturodonate

To truly explore La Parguera is to relax on the scenic beach by day and at nights swim through the mangrove swamp to experience the Milky Way on earth effect. As you glide through the warm waters your body will shimmer in the dark with excitement. While in the water venture off to the wall the runs from Guánica to Cabo Rojoto explore the wonders of the coral reefs. Amazingly, this sea wall drops to a depth of about 2000-feet as the clear water allows you visibility up to 120-feet. Swim among the manatees, eel morays or sea turtles that playfully invite you to join in the fun.

Attractively beautiful, La Parguera also offers nightly romantic dinner cruises along the calm bay while the water glows in the dark.