Explore Buccoo Reef


Explore Buccoo Reef Buccoo Reef is situated on the leeward southwest coast of scenic Tobago Island in the Caribbean. The Buccoo Reef is shallow sandy group of lagoons, which are nicely placed on five budding reefs. The area of the reef covers an estimated area of 7km2, and is one of the largest coral reefs in the northern hemisphere. The peaceful island of Tobago, is part of the twin island republic of Trinidad; and represents the more relaxed ambience to its sister island.

Tobago’s Buccoo Reef is highly regarded as one of the most impressive sight to see in the Caribbean. Explore the Buccoo Reefs with its narrow seaward reef crests and widespread reef towards the lagoons. Swim along the reef’s sandy bottom channels, where you will see the widest and deepest channels between the western and northern reefs.

To explore the Buccoo Reef, it will take you about 2 ½ hours from the capital city of Tobago, Scarborough to this wonderful natural phenomenon. While there you can swim or walk along some of the reef’s path that is shallow enough to see the bottom. Glass bottom boats offer rides for you to see the many different types of marine creatures beneath these lovely Caribbean waters.

The Bon Accord Lagoon is positioned to the south of the Buccoo Reef, while the Nylon Pool is located to the west of the Eastern Reef Flats. Buccoo Reef was selected as a marine park, because of its huge collection of reef systems. As you explore the beautiful Buccoo Reef, you will see thick mangrove belts beneath the waters, which gradually change into gorgeous flora and fauna, to the delights of a nature lover.

You can explore the reef flats that boast many species of stunning corals, such as Elkhorn Coral or the Star Coral. While there, you will see deep coral gardens with magnificent coral communities that change at each turn. A large gathering of brain coral and starlet coral; with countless soft corals sways in the current while you discover the amazing water of Tobago.

At Buccoo Reef, you can snorkel your way through the many channels to view much marine life without disturbing the live coral. If you are a marine buff; then you will be treated to many species of fish life and natural formations on the Buccoo Reef. After exploring the reefs, you can relax by the Nylon Pool; this pool of water is about 2 ½ feet high, so you can bathe in the waters under the Caribbean sun.

In Tobago, you can enjoy any of their wide range of beautiful attractions.