Enjoy the Flavors of San Juan


Flavors of San Juan So, you want to enjoy and taste some real Puerto Rican food, while taking in the sights of historical architecture and designs of the old colonial era. Then travel to the city of San Juan and tantalize your taste buds with some delectable cuisines the city has to offer. The unique cobblestone streets pay homage to the variety of flavors you will taste. While the tales of Old San Juan offers delightful dishes with breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea.

San Juan is the capital city of Puerto Rico. San Juan houses many districts with a vibrant nightlife and exotic flavors to please any taste buds. Being an old Spanish capital, San Juan displays some of the most alluring attractions not to mention their spicy island flavors.

Stroll around the capital city through the winding streets to get a feel of the city’s old world charm and rich history, and taste the flavors of San Juan that is a combination of unique ingredients and cultures to create mouthwatering recipes. All the settlers to this island have a hand in their extraordinary taste; from the native Taíno Indians, the Spanish conquerors to their African forefathers. And as such, the dishes of San Juan are deeply planted in these cuisines; resulting in a creation of its own.

Immerse yourself in the culture and enjoy the flavors of San Juan; as some of the most flavorful and local hot-spots, will surely to excite your taste buds and suit your appetite. In between the old stories of the city, enjoy generous samples of signature dishes from first class restaurants to street side shops.

You can start off with some delicious Mofongos; this dish consists of green plantains stuffed with veal, chicken, shrimp, or pork; or taste sweet pork loin sautéed with purple and green onions. Make a stop at Café Puerto Rico and enjoy some Creole dishes. If you are a seafood lover you will like the Stuffed Snapper Fillet plus lobster and crab broil in a flavorful broth, this is served with rice and red beans and sweet fried plantains.

The juicy roast suckling pig dish of Lechon is a must have when in San Juan. This yummy delicacy is very irresistible even for non pork lovers. A main dish of San Juan is the Arroz Con Gandules; this dish comprises of pigeon peas with rice with a special sauce, known as sofrito. Bits of ham, pork, chorizo, red peppers and olives are added to provide a tasteful treat.

The ever popular chicken soup has its own twist in San Juan; this homemade soup is called Asopao in San Juan and is made of chicken and rice as its main ingredients. This soup is more like chowder, with loads of pigeon peas, chicken, rice, ham, peppers, olives and tomatoes.
To please your sweet tooth you can enjoy tasty cakes and pasties, such as Pumpkin Roll Cupcakes or Brazo Gitano; which is a buttery flavored Spanish jelly roll stuffed with guava, mango, and or other fillings. Taste some of the wines in San Juan and enjoy your meal while listening to the beats of the island.

Try some fritters, Alcapurrias, and other fried finger foods, such as the cheese-flavored rice fritters, the codfish flavored fritters or the yam fritters.

If you love to taste delicious specialties from the Caribbean region, then travel to San Juan Puerto Rico and lively up yourself with tasty treats of this island. Try as much as you want and worry about the calories later.