Enjoy a Windsurfing Vacation


Windsurfing in Dominican RepublicThere is no place like the Dominican Republic. As this island paradise boasts a lot of water sporting activity for you to do while you are there, like to go windsurfing. And if this is your type of sporting activity then you will be in for a treat.

Windsurfing in Dominican Republic is truly out of this world, with strong winds, shallow waters and wonderful shoreline to explore. One of the best places to go windsurfing is to take a trip to the town of Cabarete, which is along the northern coast. However, the best time to visit is between May and July, when the winds are the strongest. There is also a lot of windsurfing rentals as well as instructors readily available. Another area where it is fun to enjoy windsurfing is at Playa Encuenta with its tremendous huge waves, just west of Dominican Republic.

If you are a beginner or intermediate wind surfer, the waters provide extraordinary conditions for you to maneuver. The winds are fairly light in the morning, which is better for beginners, and as the day progresses, the winds tend to pick up, providing waves to your pleasure. However, the outer reef near Cabarete Bay provides protection for those within the bay, as well as the playground for windsurfing.

If you visit Dominican Republic during the winter months, the winds tend to be a little lighter, but this is when waves are generally at their biggest. In the summer months, the waves are generally flatter. There are many windsurfing centers situated on the bay for easy support and directions from the beach to start your journey. The rental and sale of windsurfing equipment is also available.

There are also many hotels and resorts that offer windsurfing as a sporting activity for you to enjoy while staying with them. So if you are a wind surfer, you will enjoy staying at one of these accommodation options.

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