Enjoy a Day at Blue Lagoon


Day at Blue Lagoon Portland is a tropical jewel and one of the best kept secrets in Jamaica. The parish of Portland is located on the northeastern tip of the island and offers an exciting coastline of wonderful beaches and rivers. The beautiful Blue Lagoon is a haven for divers and beach buffs who want a laid-back ambiance with the magnificent Blue Mountains in the background.

Because of its amazing surroundings, the Blue Lagoon is the place to enjoy a day of relaxation. The Blue Lagoon is situated in Port Antonio, which was once known as the banana capital of the world. Enjoy a day bathing in the Blue Lagoon, as this location was the site where the film Blue Lagoon starring Brooke Shields was filmed.

Visit the town of Port Antonio and take a trip to the enchanting waters of Blue Lagoon to experience the cool revitalizing waters in the very scenic surrounding. The Blue Lagoon is for persons seeking an authentic and natural Jamaican experience, where you can swim in a mixture of fresh and salt waters of this bottomless pond.

Swimming in the Blue Lagoon provides an incredible range of warm waters that shoots from the underground streams. This hot and cool mixture creates a fantastic feel as you enjoy your day at the lagoon.

Although swimming and diving is a great activity to do at the Blue Lagoon, you can also enjoy other activities such as rafting or tubing around the lagoon or snorkeling to see the exotic marine life below. Relax on a boat and take in the views, while the different shades of blue captivate your senses with color changes. From turquoise to sapphire to dark blue, this is the most remarkable feature of the Blue Lagoon.

The Blue Lagoon is truly one of the most attractive and enchanting natural attraction in Jamaica to see. With its beautiful blue waters fed by a natural fresh water mineral spring from the depths of the Jamaican landscape.