Dreaming of Bermuda


Bermuda is a causal island with unique Caribbean and British cultures that provide an amazing realm of historic places, beaches, cool sea breeze to relax on a well needed vacation. Dreaming of Bermuda, imagine the soft pink or pearly white sand that lead to the turquoise water of the Atlantic Ocean. Visualize the serene shades of pink, yellow or blues stretching over the 22-square miles of the island, as it takes you to beautiful Hamilton Beach its capital city.

Bermuda’s secluded spot off the eastern coast of Cape Hattaras in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean makes it a unique destination. The island is perfectly charming, with an extraordinary pattern of colonial buildings and beautiful homes that line the streets. Smell the fragrance of the tropical flowers which covers the old stone walls on the island. Take romantic getaway to Bermuda to enjoy walks along the beaches that leads to the wonderful setting of Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse. Marvel at the formations of Crystal Caves or sail away on a romantic dinner from Hamilton.

Bermuda © by Wendy Piersall

Explore the ruins of Fort Hamilton with its historical settings. Stroll along the narrow pathways, as your discover the heritage site of St George’s. Wander through the lovely Botanical Gardens to be surrounded by tropical flowers and a peek of the island’s amazing coastline. Stop for a picnic lunch at Heydon Trust then walk around it 17th century chapel to learn about Bermuda’s vibrant history.

Bermuda © by mfairlady

Cozy up for a drink in a historic-style bar in Hamilton under the starry skies and enjoy delicious seafood cuisines at the charming beachfront restaurants on the island’s south coast. Whether you dream of relaxing day at Elbow Beach or shopping in remarkable Hamilton, Bermuda will surely enhance any type of Caribbean vacation you are hoping for.