Diving Puerto Rico


An island with an abundance of coral reefs, caves, for diving buffs to discover and explore, Puerto Rico is where you can enjoy and experience all levels of diving techniques. The island is surrounded by fabulous body of waters that allows you to explore the Caribbean and Atlantic sides. Because of its rich geographical location, Puerto Rico offers a unique range of diving spots that is characterize by its beauty and remarkable underwater terrain; not to mention its warm and inviting diving conditions.

Explore all the diving amazing diving spot around the island on a grand diving vacation to Puerto Rico. Start you diving adventures in the north and eastern coast of the island. This area is where the northerly swells offer you clear and shallow waters on the Atlantic coast, which can be sometimes rough. Dive in the east coast waters for a blend of Atlantic and Caribbean bliss. The waters here are lovely and fairly shallow as it creates idyllic haven to dive. Plunge into the slopes of this underwater terrain to view the soft and solid corals that lined the sea walls.

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For more exciting diving adventures, explore the Isle of Culebra. Located just off the east coast of San Juan, this isle offers an exceptional array of diving spots, with some boasting ship wrecks for you to explore. Venture off for a day to enjoy diving the waters of Culebra to swim with the tropical fish and wonderful sea creatures like friendly turtle and stingray. Discover why the Isle of Vieques is great for diving, especially at nights. This is where the extraordinary bio-luminous bay is located, boasting an unusual spectacle of glowing marine life, you will enjoy diving in this area to shine in the dark while you swim.

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Explore the diving site of Puerto Rico’s sea wall that runs parallel with its southern coastlines. Take a boat ride to this remarkable spot to dive and discover this amazing sea wall that extends for miles and miles. As you swim along you will enjoy the views of the waters that teems with exotic marine creatures and unique coral formations. Visit the west coast of Mona Island and Desecheo for a superb diving adventure. These diving hot spot is the gem of all diving sites in Puerto Rico. Although the area best suites a skilled diver, you can take a guided tour to explore the caverns that leads to underground caves. When the sea conditions are calm the waters surrounding these isles are great to dive through, as you will benefit from some of the most enjoyable beach dives in the Caribbean.

Whether you are a skilled diver or just want to enjoy and experience diving in Puerto Rico, There is a fantastic spot waiting to be explored by you.