Diving and Snorkeling in Jamaica


Diving and Snorkeling in JamaicaGo deep and explore the waters of Jamaica. Offering a unique underwater experience for divers and snorkelers, you can discover Jamaican treasures with the right way. As a beginner at diving or snorkeling in Jamaica, you can enjoy the clear, shallow blue waters on the northwestern areas for a pleasurable time. Excellent diving and snorkeling spots in Jamaica offers an abundance of marine life. Some will take you to the exotic caves and reefs of the island.

Daring as it seem, diving the waters in Negril offer unique experiences of clear waters. At every turn you will encounter a world of channels and reefs full of wildlife. Seeing a beautiful parrotfish or sting ray brings thrills to your heart, as you gently make you way though these waters. Go a bit further below and see the lovely range of caves and natural surroundings that holds magnificence sea creatures.

Diving the waters of Jamaica is a peaceful adventure, as the stunning underworld brings to light Jamaica’s most hidden treasures. Truly amazing, below the waters are big and small caverns that holds extraordinary walls of colorful marine life to include, sponges in all shades, sea-lettuce, nurse sharks and even barracudas.

Warm and inviting, plunge to a depth of 65-feet or more and see amazing coral and other sea creatures as they fill your diving experience with joy. If you are seeking a bit more adventure go a bit deeper and observe eels in their natural environment, plus a wide range of lively sponges, corals and yellow-headed wrasses.

Snorkeling in Jamaica is a relaxing sport to enjoy the reef’s beauty and to discover unique underwater activities. While it is very popular in the north coast of the island to snorkel, you can experience some other incredible areas to explore. Take a trip to Port Royal and engage is a whirlwind underwater tour that makes you feel like you are about to discover some hidden treasure.

As you sink beneath these beautiful crystal clear waters, you will see plenty tropical fish, colorful corals and great amount of ship wrecks. Enter a natural underwater beauty of Jamaica’s surrounding sea area and enjoy the large amount of sea whips and different corals along the walls of the reefs.

Most astonishing of snorkeling area are the artificial reef site that creates a wealth of discovery for snorkelers to the island. A natural haven for fish and other marine life you do not need to swim far to get the best views. There are other areas to do some diving or snorkeling in Jamaica, but these areas does present a task of poor visibility. The unspoilt regions of Jamaica’s south coast have rich diving adventures, but are for the most daring divers who get excited at the sound of this quest.

Regardless of where you choose to dive, you will be required to show proof of certification. Your hotel can assist in training and getting certified. Once you have learn the pro and cons of diving in Jamaica, simply get your gears and head to the beautiful waters of unbelievable adventures. A fee is charged for these services; ask your hotel for more information.

Follow the instructions given carefully for diving or snorkeling in Jamaica, as the penalties for not doing so carries a hefty fine. Be very careful of your exploits and enjoy the warm and amazing deep blue waters.

Both snorkelers and divers need to keep a few things in mind while they are exploring theses waters, do not wear shiny clothing to attract sea creatures to you, never remove anything from diving sites and reefs and always use a dive flag to let others know that someone is under water in the area.

Jamaica has plenty of beautiful sights for diving and snorkeling, so have an enjoyable vacation as you discover another side to Jamaica’s exceptional beauty.