Diamond Mineral Falls and Mineral Baths


A magical spot with a magnificent waterfall, Diamond Mineral Falls and Mineral Baths invites you to bask among unique St. Lucia beauty. Located in Soufriere, on the southwestern side of the island, the mineral baths were originally built in 1784 for the French troops by King Louis XVI, so they could benefit from the therapeutic waters.
Diamond Falls

You can reach this wonderful waterfall and bath, by following the road on the right side of Soufriere’s Catholic Church, which is just a short distance from the heart of town. Within Diamond Botanical Garden on Soufriere Estate lie in the beautiful Diamond Falls and Mineral Baths. While enjoying the lovely gardens, you can follow the path up to the base of the waterfall where you can sit and watch the falls drop into the pool below.

The rock is decorated in all shades of colors due to the years of minerals which gather on the wall, only the red and green deposits are more predominant. Enjoy the specks of purple and yellow which as amazing to see up close. At the waterfalls there is no place to swim, but you can hop over to the mineral bath to plunge into the legendary waters. Underground pipes feed the baths, which provide different temperatures, heated by an underground stream from the sulphur pools.
Mineral baths

These baths are situated in the open and the temperature of the water is pleasantly warm. The mineral water is clear as you enjoy relaxing to sooth way any pains. Often regarded for person who suffered from chronic rheumatism, sore joints and muscles, Diamond Mineral Bath is the ideal place to send a few hours in nature beauty.
Diamond Mineral Falls and Mineral Baths

Besides the baths you will be surrounded by gorgeous tropical flora. Enjoy the lovely setting of begonias, anthuriums, pink ginger lilies and beautiful heliconias, as you admire the species of birds in their habitat. This colonial style garden offers you a rare delight for you to add this to your things to do in St. Lucia on your visit.

A small admission fee is charged. Also on site are changing rooms for your convenience and a small shop and restaurant provide tasty meals for you to enjoy.  If the lush garden trails and impressive waterfalls is your fill this hot spot in St. Lucia will cool your soul.