Devon House


Devon House Devon House is located in the parish of St. Andrew, Jamaica. This Jamaican Heritage Site was built in 1881 by George Steibel; on about 53 acres of lush landscape. Devon House is nicely designed in the Georgian-Jamaican architectural style; and boasts features of recognized and equal appearance with an unbelievable collection of antiques from France, England, Jamaica and the Caribbean.

Devon House got its name from being part of a 600 acres property name Devon Penn that belonged to Rev. John Zellers who was a British minister. About 50 years later a rectory was built to accommodate British Ministers; whereas some parts of Devon House complex is still today part of the existing mansion. Nevertheless, Devon House only became legendary because a black man bought the property.

In 1990, Devon House was named a National Monument, as this house is more than 130 years old that still hosts plenty of Jamaica’s premiere events, such as Jazz on the Lawns. Located on the corner of Trafalgar and Hope Road junction, Devon House offers you the chance to step back in time with their beautiful décor of Georgian era. This house was once owned by Jamaica’s first black millionaire and when he died in 1896, the Jamaica government bought the property in 1967; after which they improve its structure and added valuable furnishings and paintings to compliment the house features.

The surroundings of the house displays nicely manicured lawns, which flaunts gorgeous blooming island flowers. The tall shady trees of the Devon House property provide a cool haven in the midst of the bustling district of Half-Way Tree. To view the Devon House, their regular opening hours Monday to Saturday, between the hours of 9.30am–5pm. If you visit the Devon House make sure you try their delicious Devon House ice cream; or tasty pastries from the Brick Oven eatery.

There other small shops and cafes on the Devon House property, where you can buy souvenirs and eat tasty treats, after you have toured the house. The landscapes of the grounds provide a treat to have picnics or just wander around. Take are rest and head straight for the inner lawns where the central courtyard is located; within this scenic square you will be able to sit on clean benches while being surrounded by lattices and beautiful flowerbeds.

Completed with its old world appeal, Devon House is a must see attraction while visiting Jamaica. Just about anything you want can be had on the grounds of this beautiful house.