Cool Places in the Caribbean Port Antonio


Port-Antonio1A cool place where you can truly escape from the stress of daily life, Portland is a parish in Jamaica that captivates you with its old world charm and lush beauty. Situated on the island north-eastern coast, Portland is a quiet, rustic place where you will find some of the most attractive harbors, beautiful beaches and unique landscape with the amazing Blue Mountains in the back drop.

Regarded as a piece of paradise on earth, Portland with it lovely array of waters which ranges from shades of jade and emerald, to turquoise and cobalt blue, is home to some of the Caribbean's most gorgeous beaches. Each with its own individual style and atmosphere, you will enjoy the wide variety of experiences and select whatever suits your mood best from the very laid back atmosphere to the more formal, where tropical dreams becomes a reality.

portantonioPort Antonio is the parish capital and is where you will see stunning Georgian architecture dotted around the town. A walk through the town is like a walk through history, with its narrow streets lined with buildings from another era including the neo-Romanesque Anglican stone church built in 1840 and the charming gingerbread DeMontevin Lodge built in 1881, which houses a cozy guest house on the Titchfield Peninsula. 

You will enjoy Port Antonio's crystal-clear, serene waters that offer numerous spots for snorkeling and diving. Visit San San Beach or Frenchman's Cove for an extensive area coral reefs and ocean walls stretching eight miles. While Alligator Head is a favourite spot for pro divers to see the unique sponge formations and Fairy Hill Bank with its famous hammerhead sharks. Besides the beaches, Portland has many adorable attractions for an exciting tour of the parish. Visit Fort George that overlooks the harbors, with its cannons pointing out to sea.

Just outside of town lies the ruins of Mitchell's Folly built in 1905 of cement and sea water. Don’t forget a visit to the beautiful Errol Flynn Marina. Explore the wonders of magnificent Blue Lagoon.  This turquoise lagoon provides a relaxing haven to enjoy its many shades of blue waters. Hop on a boat to discover Navy Island, this is a private resort isle where you can walk around while seeing the breathtaking views of the rugged coastlines. You might also take a raft ride down the Rio Grande River or climb the Reich Falls, as Portland takes you on an unforgettable journey of tropical bliss.

Port Antonio2After your discoveries, head to Boston Jerk for some mouth-watering jerk chicken and pork, just east of Port Antonio. And when you need to relax and unwind stay at one of Portland comfortable accommodations that will pamper your every need.