Cool Places in the Caribbean Blue Mountains


Blue MountainsJamaica is a wonderful getaway in the Caribbean, the island has plenty of places to see and enjoy all over the island. The island's highest peak, Blue Mountains is situated in the eastern part of the island and sprawls over 28 miles of untamed beauty, while being the longest continuous range in the Caribbean. You can visit Blue Mountain where the world-famous Blue Mountain coffee is grown. In addition, you can enjoy a 7-mile hiking tour to the peaks to see the amazing countryside.

After enjoying the spectacular white sandy beaches, visit a new and exciting adventure that you will remember for a life time. The wonderful Blue Mountain Peak is situated just beyond Kingston city borders, as it soars towards the sky at 7,402 feet. At the top you will have breathtaking views of the city and its surroundings. Take an exciting nature trail to the popular John Crow National Park in the Blue Mountain to admire some of the most fascinating wildlife and foliage, you have ever seen. At Mavis Bank in the mountains, you are invited to see the process that goes behind the manufacturing of the delicious Blue Mountain coffee that is famous all over the world.

Besides the peak, there's much more, you will learn about the hidden gems of these mysterious mountains. From exotic plants and trees to exotic animals, the Blue Mountains have some of the most beautiful landscape to be seen in the Caribbean. The rustic, laid-back atmosphere allows you have fun, while you encounter the challenges of hiking through the mountains, while the refreshing streams offer a relaxing haven to energize the soul. Spend a few hours in the forests to fully explore Jamaica’s rich countryside.

jamaica blue mountainsCool and inviting, the Blue Mountains also provide you with fabulous lodging for a comfortable stay. The Blue Mountains can be very cold at times, as it rains a lot up there. Before you go on your hiking trip take along jacket and a rain coat along with jeans, good hiking boots, warm socks and additional clothes, the usual toiletries and the regular hiking accessories such as a flashlight, and plenty drinking water. You can start your hiking journey at midnight at Whitfield Hall in order to reach the peak for a magnificent sunrise.

Escape the crowds, and come explore the cool peaks of Blue Mountains, where you will find a lovely treasure to relax in.