Cheshire Hall


Marvel at the wonders of Cheshire Hall as it sits on the beautiful landscapes of Providenciales, in northern Turks and Caicos. Cheshire Hall is about 250- years old and is one of the most notable attractions on the island that allows you to step back into history with its ruins of an interesting cotton plantation. Nestled within the prominent backdrop of Providenciales, Cheshire Hall ruins is a must visit while on vacation on the islands.

The stalwart Thomas Stubbs built Cheshire Hall in the early 19th century where the ruins now stand. Cheshire Hall survived years of soil exhaustion and drought before it was damaged in an 1812 hurricane. Cheshire Hall ruins have been carefully preserved by the island national heritage team as it also offers stunning views of the island. While exploring the ruins you will see a foundation stone with the inscription W. Stubbs 1810 which represents the start of the estate home reigns.

Ruins © by Antoine Hubert

Standing majestically yet peaceful, the ruins of Cheshire Hall allow you to explore this momentous plantation home with its many outer buildings that forms a rounded composition. View the tools used during the colonial cotton era as you imagine the cotton gin and press in motion. Besides the ruins you will also notice that much of Cheshire Hall is surrounded by blooms of indigenous foliage that carpets the area.

Ruins © by Antoine Hubert

Among the walls and plants you can admire the birds, butterflies and lizards that make the ruins their home. Walk carefully along the guided tour as you follow the nature trail to enjoy this magnificent site of historic Turks and Caicos. Stand at the highest point of the ruin to enjoy the breathtaking views of western Providenciales and its towns below.

Tours of Cheshire Hall are provided on Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4pm at a cost of about $5.