Caribbean Island Day Trips


Caribbean Island Day TripsSince the islands of the Caribbean have so many wonderful things to enjoy while basking in the amazing sunshine, take an exciting Caribbean Island day trip and enjoy every square foot of its landscape. Enjoy the carnival and festivals while watching any of the islands national sport. From one vantage point to another, the Caribbean islands will have you chasing after the wide range of amusing adventures.

Beach restaurants deliver a delightful dining experience on the beaches, while the outstanding breezes offer relaxing rhythms of lapping waves. The serene and comfortable settings of your hotel reward you with fantastic discovery tours. Explore the warmth, sunshine, peace, parties, picnics and laze in a chair, or take a refreshing dip in the beautiful blue waters. Enjoy your favorite watersports as you snorkel or diving beneath the stunning reefs.

Explore the El Yunque rainforest on relaxing half-day trip to Puerto Rico. Discover an amazing world of nature trails, waterfalls, scenic views, as the tropical rainforest lures you in to its magical wildlife exploits. Wander though the sacred places of the island while the mighty mountains surrounds you with ancient beauty.

Visit the island of Jamaica and shop till you drop. The island of Jamaica has many exciting shopping areas where you can explore the unique towns of Ocho Rios, Montego Bay or Kingston Craft markets. A shopper's paradise and home to the world famous attractions, you can have everything you want in Jamaica. After shopping, enjoy a leisurely ride along the scenic north coast of Jamaica, as you will pass through historical towns with its Georgian style houses.

Spend the morning poking around the town of St. Lucia. Take a climb up the beautiful twin peak Pitons with the aid of a local guide and bring your camera along to take lovely photos against the majestic back-drop. On this fascinating tour, you will pass through lush tropical flora and fauna as the amazing vistas smoothly ascends to the gorgeous beach.

Discover the large tree orchids, giant ferns, wild flowers, tropical hardwoods and spectacular waterfalls, and see panoramic views of Belize.  Relax on the beach, enjoy the crystalline waters or explore the tropical surrounding on a relaxing catamaran cruise to Ambergris Cay.

Enjoy a lovely scenic bus ride to the dock in Dominica Republic as the white sandy beaches, coconut palms, crystal clear turquoise waters invite you to an unforgettable day of relaxation during your Caribbean vacation. Spend your days exploring the island or receiving dance lessons to Merengue dancing.

Boasting a wide range of entertainment galore, the islands of the Caribbean allows you to play as you enjoy an endless day of activities.

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