Caribbean Hangover

Exploring the CaribbeanA hangover describes the sum of unpleasant physiological effects following heavy consumption of alcoholic beverages. But a Caribbean Hangover is a type of hangover that you feel in your heart, not your head; your heart aches because it knows the fun is over. Instead of sleeping, you stay up late to resist the official ending of your vacation. And you remember every moment of your vacation, so perfectly that you may even be torturing yourself by reflecting upon it so frequently.
Once you remember all the exciting adventure you did the day before you might feel a bit better knowing it was worth the time. While a Caribbean hangover can be experienced at any time, you will experience this fantastic phenomenon especially when you are back at work tiring over scores of paper work. In addition, an island hangover may also heighten your exploits to visit the islands again soon for more Caribbean spirit rushing through your veins.
So you escape to a island where there was no possibility of hooking into any of your electronic gadgets, you will enjoy your vacation that is filled with long walks, adventurous hikes, explorations of historical cities, plus a wide range of beach activities and parties. Unplugged and relaxed, you will eat, drink, snorkel, or do whatever that makes you happy without worrying about the office.
Jump on a trampoline in the bright blue sea in Bahamas, sail on a catamaran in Antigua, hike the Blue Mountains in Jamaica or explore the wonder of El Yunque Rainforest in Puerto Rico. In Grand Cayman shop till you drop or visit Belize to admire the Mayan Ruins from 1,500 year ago. In between all of that you can dress up for unbelievable dinner experiences, or casually take walks along the marinas, especially in Anguilla.  
Just imagine the day before; you were sitting on a lovely beach on your favourite island with a cold beer in hand. You remember the blue waters so clear that you can almost count every reef below. You met a few friends who had a bonfire party a few steps away and they invite you to join in the fun. Didn’t want to disappoint you went along and partied the night into the wee hours of the morning and wake up with a Caribbean Hangover.
There is no cure for a vacation hangover, invite your friends the next time you visit the islands, so they can experience the joy of a Caribbean Hangover.