Caribbean Gems


Alluring sandy beaches with shady palm trees that that invites the turquoise water to gentle laps on the shores, this is what makes the islands of the Caribbean a precious gem. If you are searching for la dolce vita, there is no place quite like the Caribbean to excite you with its exotic reefs and refreshing rum cocktails, as they invite you to explore its amazing gems. Each with its own unique vibe and character, the island’s distinctive charm will lure you to discover some the region most captivating gem such as the El Yunque Rainforest in Puerto Rico, Dunn’s River Fall in Jamaica or the Andromeda Botanical Gardens in Barbados. Choose one of these Caribbean gem to explore on you next vacation to the island.

Cunapo Growing Stone in Trinidad
An interesting is phenomenon that seems to be growing with each passing year, the Cunapo Growing Stone is one the Caribbean’s must see gem. This large rock formation the quietly sits by the roadside along Cunapo Southern Road has been sited there for over sixty million years. It unique shape and structure is believed to be rising, hence its name. Sitting at spot for all to admire this natural attraction in Trinidad, the Cunapo Growing Stone is where the lush rainforest greets you for an exceptional nature trail.

Green Grotto Caves in Jamaica
While its beaches tend to steal the limelight, the stunning landscape of St. Ann, Jamaica is also famous for its caves and one of these to visit is the Green Grotto Caves. An interesting gem that takes you to the depth of beautiful Jamaica, the cavern in Green Grotto is simple unforgettable. Explore the unique interiors of green rock that lined the glorious network of walking trails, as you encounter a cool pool. Rich with stalactites, stalagmites and plenty amazing ceiling pockets, Green Grottos is about 1,525 meters long and 12-meters deep as it plunges into the bottomless Grotto Lake.

© by Brandie!

Cruising Black River in Jamaica
For something a bit more serene yet scenic take a cruise along Jamaica’s south coast to wonder at the lovely Black River. This magnificent river starts as a secretive stream as it surface north of Siloah, St. Elizabeth. Flowing along the southern borders of the Cockpits area, this hidden gem will surely hit the spot. Black River is the longest river on the island where you can enjoy a tour to see breathtaking sceneries along the banks. Fulfill your every Caribbean paradise as you float along the river to view the friendly crocs and exotic wildlife as it offers plenty of adventures during the trip.

Black River © by K Mick

The scenery is stunning as the gentle landscape fill you with Caribbean treasures. Plan your vacation and visit one of these hidden gems as you venture on a dramatic Caribbean tour.