Caribbean Day Trips


day tripA day trip in the Caribbean means a day full of fun, warm white beaches and everlasting sunshine. Plan a day trip to the Caribbean for the family, a romantic getaway or any other kind of vacation that will excite you and your friends to explore the Caribbean.

Take a day trip to explore the acres of pristine rainforest in Belize with its rich Mayan culture. Visit the picturesque haven with pathways leading to a series of caves in Puerto Rico or enjoy the warm waters of Jamaica, where the beach nestles at the foot of a refreshing waterfall. 


Simply lay back and embrace nature as it surrounds and caresses you. A Caribbean day trip to Antigua is a great place to start exploring the islands. Tour the island in a day and enjoy these extraordinary attractions, Nelson's Dockyard National Park, Shirley Heights, Dow's Hill Interpretation Center and Indian Town, which is famous national park.


Caribbean day trips to Martinique, offers you an exciting voyage to explore the fabulous beaches and fascinating French Caribbean culture. The islae of adorable flowers invites you to bask in its unique beauty as it take you to amazing spots such as Fort-de-France, Pointe du Bout and Les, and Trois-Ilets, just to name a few. Martinique will show you an exceptional flair the gorgeous settings allows you to enjoy tasty cuisines and adventurous tours. 


Caribbean day trips to Cuba offer a lively Spanish scene. Take a trip to this wonderful island and revel in the islands’ unique attractions.  Cuba is the place to see carefully preserved colonial buildings, nature and wildlife sanctuary in the Caribbean. Explore the beaches on the island and miles of walking trails which offers great views of the mountains. Places such as Plaza de la Revolución
Bellamar Caves and Vinales Valley are a must see. 

In addition to great beaches and exciting appeals, the islands also features great shopping experiences. Enjoy a day shopping for local craft items, rum and other keepsakes. The Caribbean has many islands and many attractions, whether you plan to fish, scuba dive, or just enjoy the beauty of these special islands.