Caribbean Couples Getaway


These beautiful islands of the Caribbean provide the perfect setting for you to have fun on your couples retreat. They will entice and pamper you with romantic spots while offering exciting adventures for you to enjoy all year round. Imagine a tropical garden by the sea where you can rekindle what made you a great couple in the first place, or a luxurious suite that offers the right allure for a rewarding and comfortable stay. The Caribbean has it all!

Couple by International Fountain © by MaplessInSeattle

Caribbean couples getaway can be for a weekend, a few days or even a night, but the most important thing is you are with each other in a secluded spot reconnecting what you share. You and your spouse deserve an exciting romantic getaway in the Caribbean to revel in the white sandy beaches, view the rolling lush mountains of trek though the tropical forest to see exotic birds and wildlife. If you are adventurous, you and your spouse can enjoy zip-ling over a canopy of forested areas or hike to the peaks for fabulous views of the landscape.

The Caribbean have everything for you to plan your couples getaway while making the best of your vacation time. If you are looking for a couple’s winter getaway to the islands, this can be very sexy as the hotspots of Jamaica, Martinique, St. Kitts or Grenada will provide the fire you desire. Or maybe you want you are celebrating a special occasion. The charm and seductive appeal of the islands will allow you to enjoy laid-back Tobago, exciting Barbados or unique French allure in Guadeloupe.

Couple at The Beach © by DMahendra

The islands also offer some of the best places to have romantic dinners in elegant setting or along fabulous beach front facilities. And when it comes to luxurious rooms with tropical charm the island of Cayman, Puerto Rico, St. Lucia or Anguilla have you covered. These islands provide a mirage of amazing decors and breathtaking views that is simply pure pleasure. You will enjoy every bit of your couple getaway as you relax on a spa table to receive a massage that quickly sooth away your worries.

Knowing you have so many choices, you are sure to find the island that is ideal for you to meet all your needs and style. Plan a wonderful Caribbean couple’s getaway to the islands and bask in a romantic escape filled with unforgettable memories.