Caribbean Best Ruins


Caribbean Best RuinsThe most significant ruins in the Caribbean are the remarkable sites belonging to the Mayan, Spanish and the English. Some of the best Caribbean ruins are the Tulum in Cancun, the Spanish castles and fortress on the islands, and the wonderful world of Mayan civilization. At any of these Caribbean ruins, there is a lot exciting things for you to see and do.

Tulum Ruins

Situated in the town of Cancun, Mexico the Tulum Ruins is an archaeological district of grand importance. The Tulum Ruins is located near to the gorgeous coastline of Cancun and when you visit this ruin you can enjoy a swim after exploring this magnificent site. Set among extraordinary attractions along the coast, nature parks and beach clubs, the Tulum Ruins is an oasis to the Riviera Maya. This beautiful piece of Mexico-Caribbean hot spot is a must see attraction, as this Caribbean ruins offers amazing views of the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

El Castillo Tulum was once a powerful Mayan trading post for the Mayan people on the coast. These sites were built during the 13 to 15th century and when you explore it you will see the spectacular designs of the Mayan artwork. These Caribbean ruins are without a doubt the most recognizable, and for this reasons the Tulum Ruins takes the cake.

Belize Ruins

mayan ruins belizeVisit Mayan ruins and enjoy the views of masked sculptures carved into the walls, entrances to the temples. The rattlesnake-shaped columns with supporting roof lure you to floors of small temples and sacred burial sites. Located mainly in Belize, these Mayan Ruins is a beautiful way to explore the Yucatan landscape. A great place to view all corners of Mayan culture, the Mayan ruins is decorated with hand prints, murals and boasts many fabulous sculptures and carvings.

When you Visit Mayan ruins like the Temple of the Frescoes, El Palacio or Templo de la Estela you will see the colorful paintings, two-level temples and stone monuments with amazing features. Passing through these temples, you will come across natural wells and shrines with sacrificial offerings inside.

Other notable ruins to explore are the House of the Columns, and the Templos Miniatura that is a ceremonial ruin showing five men in colorful costumes climbing a tall pole. A spectacular piece of artwork to see when you visit Mayan ruins, the men seems as if they are performing a special dance on the pole while playing a flute to each of the four directions.
Caribbean ruins are just one of the many reasons to visit the islands, as you will be able to explore and discover a wide range of attractions and amazing sites while your vacation takes you to another level of fun.

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