Bonaire Underwater Adventure


Bonaire’s underwater adventure is one of the best ways to learn and discover the island. Its unique location of being tucked away in the southern seas of the Caribbean, away from the path of the hurricanes, allows you to enjoy exploring the island’s water. Much of extraordinary Bonaire is below the surface, as underwater adventures is very exciting to see the amazing corals in all shades, the sea gardens with hundred of tropical fish and other marine life.

The island is bordered by warm shallow azure waters that are teeming with wonderful reefs that are protected. Visit Bonaire Marine Park where ou can simply hop off the plane and jump in your diving gears to plunge into the one of the best diving and snorkeling spot on the island. Within this park are about 80 amazing dive spots to enjoy. Located on the leeward side of Bonaire as it greets the cay of Klein Bonaire, this marine park is the ideal place to start you underwater adventures on the island.

Klein Bonaire© by Scuba_thib

Explore the water surrounding the capital city of Kralendijk, to explore La Machacha and Reef Scientifico with its exotic realm of reefs. While there you will see gardens of sea fans and urchins while the thousand of colorful marine life swim by. It’s beautiful, thrilling and can be a bit rough as the waves are sometimes harsh. On the southern tip of Bonaire you can explore the waters of Lac Bay, to explore the shipwrecks along the bay. This is the perfect spot for divers and snorkelers to have fun with the treasures that lingers below.

Bonaire © by laszlo-photo

While on your exciting underwater adventures in Bonaire, you will swim into the depths of cone-shaped caverns and channels that are filled will with peaceful reefs and large holes with lobsters. Be amazed at the sight of biggest lobster you have ever seen as they crawl about with their heads high. This adventure might make you hungry and if it is lobster season you can a few for lunch or dinner.

If you are adventurous and crave for underwater exploits, Bonaire is where plenty of hotels are actually diving accommodations, which offer lots of exciting underwater adventures.