Bonaire National Marine Park


The island of Bonaire welcomes you to its unspoilt and natural beauty to explore the wonders of the Bonaire National Marine Park. The marine park begins along the high rise of the island as it spreads over 6672 acres to include the isle of Klein Bonaire. Tucked away south side of Klein, you can plunge into the deep waters of the park that sinks to a depth of 200-feet. Explore the marine park from one end to the other as you enjoy the views of the reef while the friendly sea creatures allow you to discover the unique formation of Bonaire’s sea wall.

Bonaire National Marine Park is teeming with exotic marine life as you swim pass the brightly coloured sponges n sea fans and tropical fishes. This national marine park helps to protect Bonaire’s varied fish species to include over 300 other species that is uniquely Caribbean. A wonderful place for scuba diver and snorkelers to enjoy a Caribbean vacation, the Bonaire marine park is unlike anything you have seen before. Maintaining a healthy and vibrant reef structure, Bonaire is one of the Caribbean most amazing spot to explore the warm waters.

Marine Park © by bernavazqueze

Even though the marine park was created in 1979, you will experience the thrill of glass bottom boat rides and exciting snorkel tours through the water park. You will be spellbound as you float pass the incredible array of wonders beneath these waters as the unparalleled views of Bonaire’s underwater world take you to another level in exploring the islands. Enjoy an eco-guided tour to view one of the most excellent preserved and protected reefs in the Caribbean.

Lion Fish © by tibchris

Beautiful and captivating, the Bonaire national marine park awaits you with great diving spots that are just steps from the beach. This marine park offers a different realm for families and couples to discover together an entertaining water vacation in Bonaire. In addition to exciting day tours you can enjoy lively night snorkel tour to experience the joys of moonlit waters in the Caribbean, as the entire park transforms to a different realm at nights. A must see, there is also a small fee to enter the marine park.