Best Places to Party in Kingston After Dark


When it’s time to party, no other destination can get down like Kingston. While the Jamaican capital is often overlooked by tourists due to its gritty reputation, it is the most open, festive and relaxed destination when it comes to partying and having a great time. Famous for its sound systems and street style parties, Kingston Jamaica is always bursting with parties, a vibrant nightlife and street dances from weekend to weekend. If you are up for it to do what Kingstonians do… and party all night, check out one of the hop spots below.


privilige nightclub
This nightclub, lounge, and cocktail bar is located in the entertainment hub of New Kingston. Club Privilege is one of Kingston’s most exciting and entertaining hotspots and a playground of the young and grown. Privilege has a singular taste and is recommended if you want to indulge in luxury while partying in Kingston. A stop at this club will be lots of fun, as the DJs are always mixing up the oldies with the more recent and popular hit music. It’s mixed drinks inclusive so you can drink all night long once you pay the cover charge.


Fiction Nightclub

party in jamaica

Fiction is the nightclub at Marketplace on Constant Spring Road. The club has a hybrid design and is the first lounge and club space that caters to multiple demographics. The club is a popular spot for celebrity birthdays, wine tastings, and parties. The club’s strategic location means you are right in the center of all the top restaurants in Kingston, so there is still a lot of fun to be had. This hot spot is a must visit if you are in the city on a weekend.



Famous_Nightclub Party Jamaica

Portmore knows how to party and Famous Nightclub offers a one of a kind experience to anyone looking to have a great time while visiting Kingston. The nightclub is located in Portmore, St. Catherine, just a few miles outside of the capital. Here you can experience a nightlife unlike any other in over 10,000 square feet of flexible space. The club features LED screens, a Coliseum-style setting and various VIP seating options. At Famous there is always something for everyone.


Dub Club

jamaican party
For a unique and more authentic scene of acoustic Jamaican experience, head to Dub Club in the hills of St. Andrew. This unique destination is laidback and a rockers haven. Dub Club is perched on the tiered hillside and normally host a mix of rastas, hipsters and multiple guest selectors. Dub Club specializes in getting people out and having fun and nowhere in Jamaica can you find a place that is the perfect mix of arty and incredible.


Kingston Street Dances

Jamaican Dancehall
Street parties are an essential Jamaican experience. There is a dance for everyday of the week and the best parties can be found at any of the popular street dances across the city. These block style street events feature giant speaker stacks or sound systems with a ‘selector’ playing all the latest songs. The most impressive and exciting part of you visiting one of these a crazy all night parties are the wild dancehall moves and party fashion that you’ll find at these events. You’ll also see that Jamaica is the land of  whining– twerking if that’s what you call it.  The street dances normally start late in the night and continues until the sun rise in the mornings, so don’t even think of turning up before midnight. So pace yourself, you’ll need the energy.

After pulling an all-nighter, just head back to your hotel and sleep late. If you wake up before midday, you can spend a lazy day at the beach in Hellshire. If you are up for it again there’ll be another rocking party on. After all, you’re in Jamaica, and a good time is not hard to find.

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