Best Little Caribbean Beach Towns


Little Caribbean Beach TownsOn any of the islands beach towns there is plenty to do, whale and dolphin watching, kayaking, horseback riding, shopping for unique island keepsakes, or golfing at a lovely coastal course.  A towering cape surrounds you with crashing waves and soaring breezes, as exciting summertime activities simply stroll through charming towns. Enjoy the breathtaking views as you anticipate your next helping of delicious seafood and a cold beer.

Little Bay, Anguilla

This tiny half moon shaped bay with powder sand beach and clear water provides a tranquil and excellent spot for sunbathing and snorkeling. Accessible only by boat from Crocus Bay, Little Bay is a village of hotels and villas flowing down the inside of a wide hill while offering a haven to relax. This beach town is you can put your towel down on a blank stretch of sand and go cruising on the beautiful waters. Providing a different vibe at each corner, you will find the one that fits your mood. A short walk up or down the beach brings you all you could desire, including water sports, such as parasailing or snorkeling.

Johnson's Point, Antigua

A chain of secluded coves with white soft-sand beaches in south-west Antigua, Johnson’s Point is an excellent beach town that gives great views over Guadeloupe, Montserrat, St. Kitts and Nevis on a bright day. Enjoy the beautiful sunset from this town, as the stunning natural beauty acts as a magnet for you to escape the bustling towns to paradise bliss. 

Placencia, Belize

This is a totally laid-back seaside town with 16-miles of perfect sandy beach on a long, narrow cape in Belize. It is well worth the trip to get there from Belize City, where the simple but comfortable settings are amazing with friendly locals and tasty seafood. Apart from just lying on the sand, you can participate in various water sports, fishing, bird watching, manatee watching or jungle tours. If you want more action watch huge whales that appear offshore. Enjoy the charms of the town and excitement of the Cays without giving up the luxury.

Varadero, Cuba

Boasting clean, warm, turquoise water that runs alongside a string of hotels, the beach town of Varadero is a resort town in Matanzas, Cuba. Otherwise known as Playa Azul for its rich blue beach, Varadero is a free port and has exceptionally good conditions for scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, yachting and other water sports. A typical Cuban beach town, it has some old forts that were used in its defense in the past. Enjoy the beaches, rivers, lakes and caves which have access to the sea, natural pools for its spectacular beauty. While here, be sure to visit Guamá, Treasure Lake and the crocodile-breeding center.

Sainte Anne Beach, Grande-Terre Guadeloupe

Ste. Anne town is the prettiest village in Guadeloupe, and the beach is the finest. A lively location well known for its breathtaking beaches and delightful beach front with a cheerful market along side of the beach and a number of lolò restaurants. You can admire the sugar cane plantations and the lively night life that enhance the area of Sainte Anne with a selection of sports both water and land for the day time.

Anse la Roche, Grenada

This is a visit beach town that boasts a perfect image of white sand with a great view of Union Island across the water. It's a mere 45-minute walk from Bogles village but it's quite easy to get lost and it might be better to take a water taxi. There are no facilities and very few people, so take food and drink along with you. Anse la Roche offers one of the finest beaches in the Caribbean, which a big, beautiful pour of sugary white sand washed by the blue Caribbean waters.

If all you need is sun, sand, and tranquility in Caribbean, these unique beach towns is where to have as much fun as you want on your next Caribbean beach vacation.